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A practical and very interesting example to understand the difference in the practice of European and American roulette is to know the story of Los Pelayos, narrated in a TV documentary “Breaking Las Vegas” in which this family tries to make money with the casino roulette and, after a successful period in Europe, when he goes to play in Las Vegas, sees the strong impact of the “double zero” on American roulette. The differences are between European and American roulette arises in the adventures of Los Pelayos. You can go for the new casino sites 2020 and come up with the solutions.

Comparison between American and European Roulette

The main difference between the two roulette wheels, as we have already said, is obviously that one has a zero and the other has two. In the American roulette cylinder, therefore, there are 38 boxes for numbers between 1 and 36, plus a zero and a double zero; which means one more number than in European roulette.

Function 00 does not vary from that of 0, but it adds an important advantage for the casino, as it drastically reduces the possibilities of single and multiple bets made by bettors. In large numbers, we could say that the double zero doubles the advantage of American roulette over European roulette, in favor of the house. That is why in these comparisons that we will make next, we must always make it clear that it will be better for us to enjoy European roulette.

Now for the parallels between roulette and how we translate it into tips for readers of our blog: 

European roulette gives the player more advantage

The advantage of the casino is the key factor in the differences between European and American roulette. Unlike online games of skill such as poker, in games of chance there is a small advantage in favor of the house and, in the case of European roulette, this advantage by having only one zero is very small. With the paypal casino sites you can find the best deals.

  • Remember that the casino’s advantage for this zero comes because that box does not belong to any single bet with a 50% probability; for example, when betting 10 euros on the red, and leaving zero.
  • And that in European roulette, all numbers, except zero, have an associated color (red or black). The number zero has no color and appears only with green in the cylinder and on the mat.

Thus, casinos with American roulette are a problem for the gambler, because the house advantage goes from 2.70 on the European side to 5.26 on the American side. How do these numbers work? Dividing the zeros that each of the roulette wheels have, respectively, by the total number of cylinders: in American roulette, it would be 2/38 = 5.2%, while in European roulette, only 1/37 (2.70%).