The Right Signs to Bring In Business

Signage is a necessity to draw in business from the streets.  But, it is not simply picking random signs, it is about choosing the right signs.

Choosing Signage That Speaks to Customers

Business neon signs scream location and specialty. Foot traffic sometimes goes forgotten in the modern, tech-savvy world.  Picking the right sign for the right business is the puzzle to solve.

Characteristics to consider:

  • The material is important to reflect the type of business advertised.
  • Size is a factor when deciding how high the sign will be.
  • How much text is too much text? What keywords ​are requirements?
  • How close is the sign required?

The Message and Messenger

An important factor in the “right” signage is the message. What should it say about a business? Short and simple is the avenue most take to draw outside traffic into a store. Vehicle traffic is moving fast and the shorter and sweeter, the apter drivers and passengers are to catch what the business neon signs say.

The right colors make the words pop.  When it comes to neon, the color is half of the draw. The message and messenger working together create a better chance at walk-in traffic.

Tips and Tricks When ConsideringSigns

Knowing the ins and outs of the law side of signage is important. The American Disability Act (ADA) and local zoning laws require businesses to follow certain rules when consideringsigns. But, statutes and protections are not the only aspects that require a few tips when pursuing the right business signs.

  • Allow for updates. Changes in businesses and inventory are inevitable. Some signs provide the ability to change signs manually rather than send them to the company or purchase new ones.
  • Magnetic signs are handy to have. Customers and employees enjoy showing loyalty by placing them on vehicles. Company cars also benefit from magnetic signs.
  • Stock signs are useful in bathrooms, warehouses, and store floors. Custom signs are wonderful to have, but not a requirement for every aspect of a business.
  • Designing signsis about creating an effective message that will last a long time.  Any type of sign suffers from wear and tear from weather, transporting, and general mishandling. Materials, size, and choosing indoor or outdoor signsplay a factor in their life span.

Small business relies on signs to market their business. But, so does larger corporations. Choosing the right sign to bring in business relies on a lot of business-specific factors. Take a moment and consider each characteristic before investing a company’s budget in the wrong signage.