The “Tiny House” Movement

If you have ever watched the Home & Gardens TV channel or picked up a home living magazine, you have probably heard of tiny houses. Tiny houses, or tiny homes, are a growing fad among individuals and families alike as a way to travel light and save money on the cost of living.

Needless to say, there is a rise in Tiny Homes San Antonio popularity over the past year. Learn more about the impressive history of tiny houses and why you might want to consider going tiny for your new home venture in 2021.

The History of Tiny Homes

In order to understand why tiny houses are so popular, it is important to trace the history back to the beginning of the movement. While small houses have been a part of human life since the beginning, the modern tiny house movement really started gaining ground in the 1980s.

Between the 1980s and the 2010s, manufacturers and individual contractors alike worked on building and selling tiny homes to a diverse variety of interested parties. Television programs began to feature tiny house interiors and talked about the benefits of living so small.

The popularity of tiny homes in San Antonio was pushed even further after the economic crisis of 2009, when the housing market came to a halt. Families and young couples looked for more affordable living options that would not require massive loans or property mortgages.

It is not difficult to see why tiny houses continue to be popular in today’s world.

Why Get a Tiny Home in San Antonio Today?

The COVID-19 pandemic threw many people into financial disarray. With a record-high number of jobs lost, the average homeowner may not be able to afford what was once possible. Naturally, this has created a new surge of interest and popularity in tiny houses.

If you have found yourself in perilous financial circumstances after the devastating impact of the pandemic, you might want to consider an investment in an affordable tiny home.

About Tiny Houses

Like any other type of home, tiny houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Below, you will find answers to some of the most common questions about these living abodes that can help guide you towards a decision.

How Big are Tiny Houses?

Small homes can range in size, but the average tiny house is no bigger than 500 square feet. Some tiny houses are as small as 250 square feet, providing just enough space for one or two people to live comfortably.

How Much Do Tiny Houses Cost?

A tiny home in San Antonio will run at a much more affordable price than brand-new homes on the market. You will find some tiny houses with costs that are comparable to mobile and manufactured homes, with even more flexibility in choosing your living location and land taxes.

Do Tiny Homes Prices in San Antonio Include the Land?

Usually, when you see a price tag on a tiny house, it is just including the cost of the house and not the land it sits on. Depending on where you want to park your tiny home, you may need to pay property taxes or a mortgage on your land. There are other places to move your tiny home that do not require additional fees for the land.

The Best Tiny Home on Wheels Plans

The best way to get your hands on the perfect San Antonio tiny house is to get in touch with licensed professionals. You can browse a great selection of tiny homes in San Antonio and see if this downsized living would be a good fit. There are plenty of financial plans available to help you easily cover the cost of a tiny – but mighty – house.

Find Your Tiny Home Dream Today!

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