The Top 4 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil also referred to as Cannabidiol oil is a product that is extracted from the marijuana plant and then mixed with a carrier oil. There are two major classifications of CBD oils: the Marijuana-based CBD and Hemp-based CBD. Although these two products are extracted from the cannabis plant, they have different effects. The Marijuana-based CBD oil is rich in Tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound that is responsible for the sense of euphoria or “high feeling”. The Hemp-based CBD does not have psychoactive properties, meaning that it does not induce a high feeling. Here are the top four amazing CBD Oil Benefits.

Relieves Chronic Pain

One of the top benefits of Cannabidiol oil is the ability to relieve different types of chronic pain, including arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain as well as fibromyalgia. CBD oil has been approved in countries, like Canada for reliving cancer-related pains and multiple sclerosis. The good thing with Cannabidiol oil is that it doesn’t cause tolerance or dependence, making a perfect option for patients trying to avoid opioids.

Lowers Anxiety and Depression Levels

Research indicates that Cannabidiol oil can reduce levels of depression and anxiety for patients suffering from conditions, such as PSTD. CBD oil helps to activate brain receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate appetite, sleep as well as mood. Scientists also believe that CBD oil can be used to reduce the discomfort and stress that comes with public speaking. CBD produces some calming effects on the brain, making a public speaker more confident.

CBD Has Anti-Aging Properties

Studies show that Cannabidiol oil not only helps in soothing and moisturizing the skin but also has some reliable anti-aging properties. The oil helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from the skin and prevents signs of aging. Cannabidiol is also rich linoleic acid and oleic acids that help to improve the overall health of the skin and prevents aging.

Prevents Heart Attack and Stroke

Studies have shown that CBD oil can promote a healthy heart by reducing inflammation, relieving oxidative stress as well as relaxing blood vessels. This helps to prevent damage to the heart and brain, consequently preventing the occurrence of stroke and heart attacks. CBD oils also help to lower blood pressure and heart rate in response to stressful situations. Research also shows that Cannabidiol can prevent the clumping of platelets, which causes clogging blood vessels.

These are just some of top CBD oil benefits. There are many other benefits of Cannabidiol oil, including reduced risk of developing diabetes and cancer.