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Every organization uses a network of cables for connecting IT network though out the office building. Keeping all the cables organized and maintaining a track of cables running all around can be a tedious task. 

Here, patch panels can efficiently offer proper connectivity through proper and flexible management.

What is a Patch Panel?

A patch panel is a mounted hardware assembly in a local area network (LAN) that has multiple ports that is used to connect and organize a group of incoming and outgoing LAN cables. Each port contains a wire that is connected to a different location. 

The purpose of patch panels is to help you organize large number of cables and thus offer you a flexible connectivity into the main network hardware that is installed in a data centre or wiring closet.

Depending on the number of ports, patch panels can be small or very large in size and can be installed for fiber optic, cat5 as well as RJ45 cables besides many others.

Mostly, patch panels of 19” or 23” racks are mounted and used within company’s LAN which has blank port at one end and a termination point at the other.

The main function of a patch panel is to offer you a neat and tidy cable management to connect various IT devices together in different environments. More often than not, the panels are used to provide you connectivity in communications closets, telephone company central offices and data centers as well as for connecting into audio-visual network as commonly used in radio and television networks.

Advantages of patch panels

The most significant advantages offered by patch panels include:

  • Reduction in cable clutter – all cables remain hidden, secured and properly organized
  • Flexibility –Once patch panel is installed, new devices can be connected without using a new cable
  • Cost effective – With patch panels, you can use shorter cables that may cost less than longer ones
  • Ease of maintenance – much easier to maintain. There are companies that manufacture you the patch panels in which you will be required to just replace the damaged cable rather than changing the whole system.

Patch Panel Cable Management System

There may be many cables coming into a patch panel and can become tricky as you may get confused by messy and tangled cables. Keeping track of cables going to other locations, makes the things difficult if you fail to recognize and plug wrong cable.

It is, therefore, prudent to use:

  • Labeled cables – labeling at both ends will help you ensure that cables are being installed in correct manner
  • Color-coded cables – will help you identify the cables correctly
  • Zip ties – help you to bundle ties together and ensure that they go to the right place where they are required in a neat and organized way.
  • Patch cable organizers enable you to run your cables neatly and allow you to see whether cables are coming from and going to each port as required or not.

Keeping convenience of users in mind, Rack World Systems have specifically designed patch panels with cables that are labeled and color-coded. 

The high performance, exceptional durability and availability of patch panels in various sizes are the hallmark feature of patch panels produced and installed by Rack World System in Australia.