The Tops You Need in Your Wardrobe

No wardrobe can be complete without a few statements and basic shirts to mix and match with all your pants, skirts and shorts. A top is simply a non-negotiable item, and whether you’re off to work, the gym, a coffee out or a fun night on the town, chances are you’re going to be wearing one. Tragically, the perfect shirt is never just magically hanging in our closets, we have to put a little thought and work into finding pieces that work perfectly for us. No two people are the same, so everyone will have variants of certain classics or statement pieces in their wardrobe – which is fantastic! Here are the basic building block tops that you should secure, in your own style, to make getting dressed easier…

Fitted button up

Whether it’s black, business blue, striped or white, everybody needs a fitted button-up shirt in their wardrobe. Obviously, this is absolutely perfect for work – but it has some other styling potential, too! Button all the way up and tuck into a flirty mini skirt, wear unbuttoned down to the fourth or fifth button, tuck into boyfriend jeans and add sneakers for a cute and alluring weekend look or wear open over a tee!

White/black crew neck tee

A good tee shirt is an absolute essential! Crew necks are the easiest to dress up and down, and you can wear them to work under suits or blazers without showing off too much of your neckline. Opt for a slightly loose-fitting, 100% cotton tee shirt for a luxurious yet casual look. It’s best to secure one of these in a white, black and grey to get ultimate wear out of your tee collection.

Boyfriend shirt

The boyfriend shirt is a real shapeshifter, so it’s fabulous to have in your closet when you want to be a little playful with your styling. Tie up and wear with baggy jeans, throw over a slip dress or a strappy mini dress, wear buttoned up as a cute and cropped dress, pair with denim shorts for the beach – see, it’s very versatile! It’s best to buy your boyfriend button-up in a clean white or a business blue and white stripe, classics are always chic.

Bohemian blouse

A flowing boho blouse is a beautiful core item that will save you on those days when you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. Choose a lacey, silk style to pair with your maxi skirts, shorts, jeans and pants. A feminine neutral or blushing pastel tone will work best for this staple.

Silk cami

Is there anything more elegant than a silk cami? Don’t think so! This piece is amazing for dressing up your daily outfits or your evening looks! A minimalist silk piece or a top embellished with lace or sequins will be a gorgeous addition to any closet – just choose in accordance with your personal style to grab a cami that you’ll treasure and love for a long time to come.

Crew neck knit

A soft cashmere knit will always be your friend, except maybe in the height of summer! This piece looks so incredibly chic just with chinos, jeans, flippy skirts or even some thick leggings. Pair with chunky boots and a blazer for a flawless cold-weather look.

Denim shirt

A long sleeve denim shirt is a slightly more contemporary staple, but a staple all the same! This one can be incredibly casual, edgy (when worn with other denim) or polished when tucked into chino shorts or pants.

Ready to start securing your staples? Get exploring women’s tops to find your core items, in your style.