The True Costs of AC Repair

There are three primary factors that establish the exact cost of any type of AC repair: service call fees, parts, non sparking tools suppliers and labor. These expenses will vary depending on the contractor you choose and the type of heating and cooling system that’s installed. Here’s a breakdown of average costs to consider.

AC Repair Service Call Charges

Many heating and cooling repair companies charge a service fee to visit the location, assess the system, perform diagnostic tests and offer a quote. During regular business hours, these fees can range between $50-$125.

However, for after-hour emergencies and on holidays one should be prepared to pay up to double those cost. Many companies will waive service charges if customers proceed with repairs, and some offer coupons and discounts.

HVAC Repair Costs: Parts and Labor

It’s common for contractors to give you a quote based upon parts and labor combined. Essentially, they estimate how much the components cost and how much time it will take to make the repair to calculate this estimate.

Costs can vary tremendously for parts depending on the system, and labor costs also differ depending on location. Here are some average costs for parts and labor on common AC repair needs.

  • Replacing Breakers, Fuses or Relays: $100-$300
  • Condensate Line Flushing/Repair: $60-$275
  • Condensate Drain Pump Replacement: $250-$500
  • Drip Pan Replacement: $275-$600
  • Fan Motor Repair: $200-$650
  • Refrigerant Recharge: $250-$700
  • Refrigerant Leak Repair: $250-$1400
  • Replacing Compressor: $2000+
  • Replacing Condenser Coil: $2000-$3000

To get fair rates and quality workmanship backed with warranties on parts and service, be sure to choose a local heating and cooling contractor for any AC repair. These professionals will provide you with fast service to get your indoor temperatures comfortable again without hassles. Be sure to get at least two or three quotes, so you can compare rates for the best deal.