Things to be aware before you plan to visit Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital city of the state of Karnataka and it has undergone a major transformation in the last few years. Mainly IT infrastructure has a profound impact, with the drinking boom have picked up in the last few years. Even the city has gone on to become a round the clock city and the pubs or coffee shops are open round the day and night. Apart from this the city is known for its pleasant weather, but is famous for its traffic contestation. Before you visit the city of Bangalore there are a few things that you need to be aware

The city is an epitome of ancient and modern culture diversity

The city of Bangalore has got a youthful and ancient charm as you are going to feel at home. When you walk around the city in the midst of skyscrapers you are going to come across, ancient architecture. For example the modern buildings like the World trade centre is worthy to check out. The locals welcome the visitors with open arms and whenever you meet them they are going to ask your whereabouts.

The focal points for your breakfast

When you are in Bangalore the first meal of your day is referred to as Darshini. In the city you are likely to come across numerous eateries that operate on the concept, eat first and then pay later that tend to specialize in a host of south Indian food like idli ,dosa, upma etc. Not forgetting to mention that if you are looking to have a great morning they would serve you filter coffee.

Weather is unreliable

It has to be said that the weather happens to be predicable in Bangalore. In just a few hours’ time the weather the weather would change from hot sunshine, to thunder showers. Even the local residents are not able to predict what would come next. Make sure that you pack a high summer jacket as the weather gets cold after the sun goes down.

There are other options apart from South Indian food

Though Bangalore is known for its South Indian cuisine, but the place is famous for its wide variety of cuisines from all over the world. If you are keen to experiment with various food trends the city of Bangalore is going to disappoint you.

Coffee shops and cafes are found in every hook or corner

The people of Bangalore not only rely on coffee and tea for their morning rituals but also for a sense of community. Not only they serve as weekend gateways but it is a meeting point for working professionals and friends. Apart from the popular coffee shops there are some local outlets as well.

Bangalore has a beer culture

Just like coffee the people of Bangalore take their beer seriously. The growing culture of beer has led to the emergence of beer bars in the city and it seems this is not going to stop anytime soon. There are around 406 beer bars in the city at this point of time and the numbers are expected to rise in the coming days. No wonders to the fact that the tech city is referred to as the beer capital of India.

Art is a part and parcel of life

A visit to the city will showcase the fact that art is a part of your life. Check out the exteriors of the metro stations, the inside of the buildings as you will come across modern forms of art. Most of the works of art are based on a theme that evolves daily life, feminism and empowerment. In the city you are likely to come across numerous art galleries.

The city appears to be a lot greener then you may think

Nature lovers can pride on the fact that everything is green in this garden city of India. Most resorts in Bangalorehave resorted to this theme and attracts a lot of tourists. Cubbon Park is one of the popular attractions of the city with around 2500 spices of flora and fauna with a 19th century glass house.

Traffic is something that you cannot avoid during your time in Bangalore

Bangalore encounters some of the worst traffic conditions in India. Most of the time people in the city are in rush mode, that makes getting around the place a challenge in itself. Though it is always better to navigate around the city in a two wheeler. Metro is also a great option though their coverage is limited. But a silver lining is that it is spreading all over the city at the bottle neck speed. In fact there are other alternatives that includes, auto rickshaw and buses that can be availed from everywhere. There are numerous taxi apps that enables you to get round the city easily.

It is suggested that you avoid the morning hours of travelling. To be on the safer side keep 20 to 30 minutes extra before you are planning to reach a particular destination.

It is better if you can learn a little bit of the local language

Though English happens to be the local language and is understood by a lot of people, but to be favourite among the locals it is better to learn some local language. Though in some parts of the city even Hindi is not understood properly. So it helps to pick up a few works in Kannada like greeting and saying hello. Even learning numbers from 1 to 10 would be of help.

To conclude if you are in Bangalore you can witness temples in every hook and corner. The temples range from ancient to artistic places of worship. One of the must visit temples is ISKON. The place has excellent cultural and historical places of interest. It does make sense to explore the boundaries. Within a few hour from the city there are beautiful weekend gateways that you would love to enjoy as well.