Things to consider when looking to replace your HVAC equipment.

Towards the end of the year, a sort of modern technological phenomenon of small proportions sweeps across the Salt Lake City valley. Across Utah’s heart, thousands of furnaces are started for the first time since the last winter season. For most, this is a typical occurrence, and nothing out of the ordinary occurs. But for some unlucky few, furnaces refuse to start or don’t return to full function as is needed. These few will need to look for replacement options.

The most common cause of this HVAC malfunction is simply aging. A furnace is meant to have a replacement every ten years or slightly shorter if the machine has been overused or inactive for long periods. However, replacement might not solve all issues for a consumer in Salt Lake City. The saline in the air, combined with hot summers and cold winters, can lead to a rust issue if a furnace isn’t installed or placed properly within a home. If this trouble isn’t resolved when a replacement is supplied, the replacement equipment can suffer from the same issues. Salt Lake City is a specific case where HVAC equipment is often improperly installed.

One possible way a furnace replacement can be improperly completed is by a mismatch in airflow and expected home capacity. If a furnace is too small for a home and has low airflow, it might run twice as long as expected to achieve the desired internal temperature. This will shorten the unit’s life by half, leading to another necessary replacement in the near future. Another possible malfunction could be from an improperly installed drainage system on the attached air conditioning coil, which could overflow and either rust out the furnace’s internals or moisten the electronics of the furnace and cause damage that would necessitate replacement.

These considerations are necessary for a Salt Lake City HVAC company to consider when giving an estimate on home cooling devices. The homeowner should bring these concerns to bear when receiving estimates on HVAC equipment installation. If these concerns aren’t brought to the forefront of the discussion, improper installation can occur, which will result in a failed product and a significant financial drain on a homeowner. If the contractor installing the equipment is unaware of these concerns, the homeowner should seek a different company that is aware of these potential issues. Doing so will give the best results and guarantee a long product life, as well as a comfortable home.

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