Things to Know About DC’s Stargirl

The DC Universe continues to dominate the digital telling of superhero stories on television screens with Stargirl. In this show, Stargirl is a superhero who wields a cosmic staff to manipulate energy. She first appeared on other shows as a way to introduce Stargirl and her crew. Now it is time to learn everything you need to know about Stargirl.

What Should You Know About the Story?

Stargirl has been making appearances in DC Universe shows for a while, with her most notable appearance on Legends of Tomorrow. At that time, she joined the Justice Society to help fight villains worldwide in the mid-twentieth century. Now she has her own show with a modern telling based on the Stargirl comics. Known as Stars and STRIPE, she fought crime with her stepfather Pat Dugan. In the books, she became a member of the Justice Society of America and the Justice League.

This coming of age comic has been transferred to the screen where Stargirl continues her comics’ superhero antics. As with the comics, she uses the cosmic staff of her stepfather’s past superhero comrade, Starman, to transform into Stargirl. Dugan continues his role as a sidekick and builds a robotic suit he uses to help Stargirl do her job. As in the comics, Stargirl will join the Justice Society and become a legendary superhero.

Who Is on the Cast?

This show has an exceptional cast. The creator and executive produce Geoff Johns cast Brec Bassinger as Stargirl. Stargirl’s mother, Barbara, will be played by Amy Smart. The other major roles have Luke Wilson as Dugan and Joel McHale as Starman. Brian Stapf, Lou Ferrigno Jr., and Meg DeLacy play supporting roles. Guests such as Henry Thomas, or Doctor Mid-Nite, will be appearing periodically. Basically, if you are a Justice Society of America fan, you will see many familiar faces and superheroes.

When Did It Start Airing?

DC first announced that Stargirl would be getting her own show at the Comic-Con in San Diego in 2018. After that, many trailers were released, noting that the show would start airing in August 2019. Production saw several delays, and it was not able to start on schedule. Instead, the show started airing in the spring of 2020.

If explosions, superheroes, and flying teenagers are your favorite, then you are in for a treat. DC’s Stargirl is a coming of age and superhero story that you shouldn’t miss.