Things to look for when shopping for affordable essential oils

We love the benefits of essential oils from the many smells that relax us or give us energy to the ones that relieve pain and stress. But what should you look for when shopping for affordable essential oils? Aren’t they all the same? The quick answer to this question is, no. Not all essential oils are created equally so we’ve created a solid list you can use to make sure you are receiving the best oils at the best possible price the next time you’re out shopping or browsing online.

If you’re like most of us you put a lot of emphasis on smell, and with good reason, smell is essential to a wonderful experience with essential oils. Some smells relax, others energize, while some cause headaches. We are all unique and choose smells that compliment our preferences.

The scientific or Latin name should be labeled on each bottle. If it is not listed, buyer beware, it is likely poor quality and not as effective. The scientific or Latin name will also provide important information about whether or not an essential oil you buy will have the same potency as the one your friend has that you like so much.

Make sure GC/MS testing (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) is on the bottle. This quality standard shows important details about the quality of the oil and reputable companies won’t provide essential oils that don’t have the GC/MS standard.

Purity can vary but purchasing from companies that specialize in essential oils greatly reduces buying inferior products which leads to reputation, a very important factor in making a good purchase.
Brand reputation is another item to consider. Reputable companies are known because they have provided consistent quality and service for several years and have been rated highly by consumers with good reason, they are trustworthy.

Our final recommendation to consider before buying essential oils is cost. While higher quality essential oils do cost more, it is easy to unnecessarily overspend. The best way to avoid falling into the cost trap is to compare ingredients and smell. For example, if you have two one ounce bottles of Chamomile and both have the same scientific or Latin name, both are from a reputable company, and you enjoy the smell of both, go for the less expensive bottle. There’s no need to spend more on equal products.

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