This Cannabis Cafe Is The Work Of Culinary Star Andrea Drummer

Some people find a release in working really hard. They have a vision and they want that vision to come to life. For one woman, life has been about working hard and watching as her ideas have turned into an American sensation. Andrea Drummer is someone who knows a lot about the world of food. She’s been a much admired chef in her field for a long time. In recent years, her work has focused on the world of one ingredient that she knows can make for a great experience. That ingredient is marijuana. She has been thinking about the many different ways this ingredient can be used. Her work includes all areas of the use of marijuana. She is someone who is always looking to push boundaries and create a new adventure. Given her background and determination, it is no wonder she’s one of the driving forces behind a new marijuana cafe.

So Much To Explore

The marijuana cafe has been in place in other parts of the world. This is something that the chef has long wanted to bring to the United States. When she saw that California officials decided to allow for the possibility of legal marijuana, she decided it was time to seize her chance. With that in mind, she and her backers began to come up with the idea of opening up the very first marijuana cafe in the entire United States. Over the last few years, she has been working towards this goal. The net result can now be seen in the new cafe that she has turned into a very vivid reality. For her, this is work of love in every way and a dream she’s brought to full fruition. She is someone who can take pride in her work in this new cafe.

Picking From Many Options

As a chef, Drummer cares about food in every way. She wants others to share her passion and love the food she offers in turn. She has thought about to make a menu for her marijuana cafe that shows how to enjoy food while smoking marijuana at the same time. This is why those who head here can sample lots of different kinds of foods. For example, they might want to try a meal that starts with an appetizer like the street corn that’s been carefully grilled or the Parmesan fries with a wonderful sprinkling of herbs. There’s also a nice selection of main courses to pick from. People can find options like a variety of burgers with different kinds of toppings. Each item is one that has no marijuana. Instead, it’s about the use of food to make smoking marijuana better.

Other Issues

In addition to a wide variety of foods on the menu, there are lots of other things here. People can choose to consume marijuana related products on the site. They can also bring them home with them when they’re finished. All those who want to be part of this venture must be at least twenty-one. It’s also possible to make reservations but people also take in those who are in this neighborhood in Los Angeles and wish to have a peek inside. They can come by themselves and see what’s going in in person. Taking the time to come with a group is another option that can be done. Doing so enables people to sample a lot of different things on the menu that chef Drummer has prepared just for them. This is a great way to have a really fun party in West Hollywood.