Tile designs that are here to stay!

Updating your bathroom takes time, money, and strategic planning. It’s important to pick the correct color pallets, the orientation of appliances, and ease of use so your bathroom grows with you and any other homeowner in the future.

However, you also don’t want to break the bank when you complete your bathroom overhaul so finding a wholesale tile store will help bring your bathroom to light without hefty costs.

Other ways to ensure your bathroom stands the test of time is to purchase tile with the following tips in mind.

Use natural color pallets

Bathroom designs that have natural color pallets are sure to grab the attention of anyone regardless of what fad is currently in. Natural color pallets include tones of light gray, brown shades, greens, whites, and wood.

Mix texture and pattern

An easy way to keep your bathroom updated without spending a lot of money is to update your bathroom tile to have white and light gray tones in it through different patterns and textures. You can incorporate patterns within your backsplash tile and also by building a walk-in shower of tile.

Elevate materials and style

A fun way to mix different materials in your bathroom is to cut your walls in half or 3/4ths of the way up by separating paint with woodwork, paint with tile, or paint with marble. You can also go even crazier by adding wallpaper instead of paint on the top half of your split.

Create a statement wall

Remember that less is more and with your bathroom this stands true. Another way to update your bathroom is to incorporate a statement wall within your design. Statement walls add a bit of character and charm.