Tip of the Day – Essential Shooting Accessories

It is an activity of great adrenaline, which stirs the emotions, expertise and takes us to a combat zone. These accessories approach the realism of military operations, they have gained more and more strength in the shooting practices.

Whether you are a shoring sports fan or an army individual, I bet there are still some questions that remain in your head as to the accessories that are indispensable for you to reach their full potential, right? So pay attention to the following tips!

The most important shooting equipment

Protection is indispensable in any action that has physical contact. And in shooting practices, there is no different, we can say that besides indispensable accessories, they are also for safety. Are they:


The goggles are very important, because at the time of adrenaline the shooter will want to hit the opponent anyway, and maybe as the shot comes, it may reach the region of the face. And for prevention, the right thing is to wear goggles that best fit the shape of your face and make it comfortable for you to see. Look for a goggle that has strong lenses and a good view of the battlefield. And for those who wear prescription glasses, look for a model of glasses that has support.

Magazine loader board

The mag loader boards are great shooting equipment to load the empty magazines fast.


The Masks for facial protection is also a priority, they are called “half face” and may prevent any external contact to hurt your face and do not leave scars.


The glove is another indispensable accessory in the practice of shooting, making the protect function hands and joints. It also provides more firmness when handling the weapon.


The vest is an essential accessory for use, protecting the chest area. Not to mention that the vest, in addition to providing protection, also has the support function for other accessories, such as a zippered vest, are great for carrying an extra magazine, a flashlight among others.

Knee and Elbow Pads

The knee and elbow pads are essential for the protection of your body, not having direct friction with the ground, for example if you need to lower or drag, the accessory performs the shielding of blows and ensures comfort when moving.


The specific shoes for shooting practice are without a doubt set of boots. They give you more security by giving you firmness and delivering great running and climbing performance.