Tips for choosing an engagement ring she will love

Congratulations on finding that special someone! Now, comes the tough part – choosing how you’re going to propose and what you’ll propose with.

Engagement rings come in various styles, sizes, cuts, and clarity – so choosing the right one can seem a bit daunting. But, with these common tips, you’ll have a better idea of how to choose an engagement ring she will love.

Ask her –

The easiest way to know what she likes or doesn’t like is to nonchalantly bring it up in a conversation. You can do this sneakily without her noticing by watching a romantic movie where rings are shown – then make comments about it. You can also bring it up by walking throughout stores with jewelry sections and stopping because ‘something caught your eye’ so you ask her opinion.

Or, if you’ve been together long-term you should have already picked up on a few hints she may have dropped along the way. Think back on moments you’ve been together and see if you notice anything you didn’t notice before about what she’s said.

Analyze her other jewelry pieces –

Another surefire way to ensure you choose an engagement ring she will love is to browse through her jewelry collection. When doing so, you may notice common patterns and style choices she likes. Is everything silver, gold, or rose gold? If so, she most likely prefers one over the others. Do her pieces include vintage or more simplistic style to them? Take notes or take photos so you can show these to the jeweler when you visit a jewelry store.

Pay attention to her lifestyle choices –

Rings aren’t meant to be a centerpiece for a woman’s love – they are meant to be an extension of it. Therefore, choosing a ring that flows with her current lifestyle will ensure she loves it and can wear it every day. For example, if she’s someone who spends a lot of time outdoors or is always using her hands for work, a low setting diamond may work best for her lifestyle.

If you’ve noticed she is very sentimental, purchasing a used or vintage ring may be more her style or even asking her family if they prefer you give her an heirloom would be meaningful to both of you.