Top 10 Bhai Dooj Gifts for Every Type of Brother in India

Bhai Dooj is an auspicious festive occasion that celebrates the undying bond of siblinghood. Brothers and sisters exchange gifts with each other as a token of love on this day. Now, if you are looking for some amazing Bhai Dooj gifts ideas for your brother then this post is just for you. Here you will find a list of ideas for the different personalities of brothers. So, here you go.

For a Music Lover Bro

For a music lover what can be a present that he will cherish forever? Well, there are so many such gifting ideas that will soothe his ears, like Bluetooth speakers, headphones, guitar, etc.

For a Reader Bro

For a brother who likes to read instead of going out with friends, a novel is a perfect gift. Get him his favorite book written by his favorite author and wish him a happy Bhai Dooj.

For a Sweet-tooth Bro

For a brother whose focus is completely on food, a box full of chocolates, sweets or candies is just a perfect present for his sweet tooth.

For a Tech Freak Bro

It is hard to find a gift for a tech freak person as their choice is different and out of the box. So, be a good sister and think something out of the box when choosing Bhai Dooj gifts for such a bro. It can be a portable charger, camera lens, mini pad, Pac-man connector, MacBook, wireless headphones, foldable keyboard, etc.

For a Dapper Bro

For a dapper brother, think of a gift that his girlfriend will love on him. The brother who is always dressed well, a classy piece of the suit with a tie is just perfect to complete the look. Watch your dapper brother smile wide when he receives the gift.

For an Always Late Bro

For a brother who is always late what can be a better gift than a watch to make him realize the value of time? So, loosen your pocket and gift your late Latif bro a watch with a message so that whenever he looks at the watch he realizes the value of time.

For a Fashion Freak Bro

If your brother takes time, more than you to get ready, then you better get him something cool and happening. A leather jacket suits perfectly if he is going out for an outing with friends.

For a Movie Buff Bro

If your brother is passionate about movies and cinema then gifting him his favorite movie poster or booking movie tickets for the first day and first show for him, is not a bad idea. 

For a Brew Fan Bro

If your brother can’t resist a mug of brewed beer then you can think of gifting him vouchers of his favorite pub where he can enjoy his favorite flavor of brewed beer.

For a Perfume Lover Bro

If your lovely brother likes to smell good 24/7 then how about gifting him his favorite branded perfume? It seems like a good idea! Either go to a store or order online, buy him the best gift ever that he will cherish forever.

So, these were some amazing gift ideas for every type of brother, that might exist on this planet. Celebrate the festival with a bang and make him feel special with these gifting ideas.