Top 10 Golf Courses in Charlotte, North Carolina

Golf isn’t just a sport to many of its fans.  This is a lifestyle that keeps them excited and eager to take on more in their daily life.  If you’re a huge fan of golf and aren’t sure where to start, you’re not alone!  

These are the top ten golf courses in Charlotte and why this city is a dream come true for fans of this incredible sport.  

Why Golf in Charlotte?

Charlotte is possibly the best place to golf in the country!  The low slopes, fantastic greenery, great weather year-round, and beautiful views make this a one-of-a-kind place.  On top of that, if you’re traveling here to golf, you can enjoy the far lower costs for lodging, food, and entertainment when you’re not on the green.  This is an incredible city that often feels like it was built for golf!

1- Harry L. Jones, Sr. Golf Course

Five miles from downtown Charlotte, this is an excellent golf course that’s stretched out over 7,300 yards.  Like many other courses on this list, it has a full 18 holes and has been rated incredibly high amongst fans. 

2- Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course At Revolution Park

If you’re ready for a short game, this course is the smallest on the list but packs a lot of fun.  Offering a half-course with just nine holes, this is an amazingly good time that’s only two miles from downtown Charlotte. 

3- Sunset Hills Public Golf Course

Home to well over 6,000 yards with 18 holes stretched over them. This awesome course is fun for anyone who wants to get away from town!

4- Carmel Country Club

This club is the highest-rated golf club on the list, despite having the second smallest amount of land to its name.

5- Myers Park Country Club, Myers Park Course

Just a mile from downtown Charlotte, you can stop in and have a great time golfing here any day! 

6- Oak Hills Golf Course

Although this is a ten-mile drive from downtown Charlotte, it’s worth the drive!  This is one of the oldest courses on this list.

7- Carolina Golf Club

When you need a break from looking at Charlotte houses for sale, take a break at the Carolina Golf Club!   At just over 6,000 yards, this club is beautiful and offers a lot of fun for beginners.

8- Cedarwood Country Club

Just under 7,000 yards of land, this private club is a must-visit for local fans of the sport.  This is a drive away from the city center, so you can enjoy fresh air and quiet.

9- Charlotte Country Club

The oldest club on this list, the Charlotte Country Club, has been running for 112 years and continues to stun.

10- Quail Hollow Club

This award-winning club is a popular choice for anyone who wants to have fun playing golf and connecting with locals.  A fantastic destination for all.

Golf is Gold in Charlotte

One of the best things about this city is how green and beautiful it is year-round.  If you want to get the most out of the area and aren’t afraid to be competitive, it’s time to try golfing!