Top 3 small accounting firms in London


When you hear the word ‘accountants’- you are often immediately drawn to an image of a big city office, fancy suits and high-end clientele. The words ‘Big 4’ are staples of the accounting world, and are the quintessential go-to firms for businesses and potential employees alike. But what if you aren’t a big enterprise, or the nature of your business is that which requires a more personal touch? The emergence of small accounting practices is a phenomenon that is sweeping across the city of London, with many trading in big corporate to be their own boss. This article looks at the top 3 small accounting firms in London.

  1. 3 Wise Bears Accountants

3 Wise Bears accountants is a chartered establishment specialising in small business practices, saving clients not only money – but time with concrete tax advice to allow all to meet their taxation obligations.

Founded in 2013, Gurpreet Sandhu took it upon himself to transition from his role at Deloitte, and set up his own establishment. With nearly 8 years of corporate experience at his disposal, Sandhu saw an opportunity to eradicate that dated accounting methods caused to business owners, by instead optimising the use of cloud-based accounting solutions such as FreeAgent or Xero. In doing so clients of the firm can see and understand data in real time.

3 Wise Bears are growing at a considerable rate through referrals, highlighting their customer centric approach and a pride for delivering the best possible service always.

  1. F9 Consulting

F9 consulting, named after the infamous recalculate button on Microsoft Excel, was founded in February 2012 to provide a fresh take on Banking and Finance services.

Now having exceeded in assisting more than 2000 clients, the sole office in Canary Wharf has expanded beyond the borders of London, with sites in Essex and Manchester also.

Branded as a small and contemporary firm of practicing and regulated members of the ACCA, F9 has a client first approach making it one of the best small chartered accountant practices. A decade of trading history has equipped them with the understanding of long-term relationship building and the ability to meet demand and be there for their clients at short notice.

F9 prides itself in providing Big4 level accounting solutions at humble prices, by incorporating traditional accounting practices with innovative solutions, meaning face-to-face meetings still exist for the personal touch, but where necessary, digital compliance is upheld through innovative cloud solutions. F9 sees each interaction with clients as a partnership to navigate a path to success collaboratively.

  1. ihorizon Accountants

As the name may suggest, ihorizon is a small accounting firm offering finance solutions primarily for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. By using a combination of specialist solutions for accounting and vast knowledge of the tech industry, the firm is quickly growing to become one of the best small London accountants.