Top 4 ways to motivate a lazy lover

When you are trying to make your lover give you the best pleasure of your life in the bedroom, it can be very hard for you if they seem lazy or disconnected. At the same time, you need to consider what you can do that will help them to make you feel good, give them what they want, and not spoil the mood in the process. It can be hard to talk about these things because it is a sensitive subject, but there is no other way for you to have fun in bed.


  •  Spice Up Your Relationship


You can add anything you want to your relationship, but you should think of something that is a little bit more risk and different. You could let your partner dominate you, or you could dominate your partner. You could buy some BDSM equipment to spice up the evening, or you might simply blindfold your partner. You can try to have sex in public, in an airplane bathroom, or in your office. Do something that is completely different, and ensure that your partner has the best time of his life.


  •  Have A Threesome


You can hire Agency Barracuda Escorts to spice up your relationship. This is the perfect way for you to have a threesome that is going to be very exciting for you and your partner. You can enjoy a girl that the two of you picked together, or you might wan to go out on the town while you and the escort are flirting with him all night. You will drive him wild because all he will want to do is go home and be with you. This is also a good way to surprise him because you could meet him somewhere with the escort to make sure that your partner is completely shocked.


  •  Play Games In Bed


You should play games in bed so that the two of you are constantly having a good time. This is a simple way to have fun because you can spin a wheel to decide what kind of sex you will have that night, or you can play games that involve domination and submission. You might also want to ask your partner questions that will determine what happens that night. Do not be afraid to be playful in these settings.


  •  Increase Your Oral Pleasure


Oral sex might be the best way for you to motivate a lazy lover. You can give him the time of his life, or you can ask him to give you the best pleasure of your life. When the two of you are pleasuring each other, being in the bedroom is a lot more exciting for both of you.

Spice Up Your Relationship Today

You should try to spice up your relationship today by using all the tools that you have found above. You can play games, spice up your relationship, dominate your partner, get dominated, and improve your oral skills. These are simple things that make your bedroom more fun.