Top 5 Dramas Of 2019 Based On Webtoon Manhwa

Shortly after the list of new and upcoming Marvel Universe movies (MCU) was announced at Comic-Con 2019, Marvel and DC Comics announced the launch of the website, helping readers read Marvel Dc Comics online. free, media and fans around the world are delighted to read the archive of 30,000 free stories and talk about the variety the studio wants to convey. You can download the titles for free, as the site is about to launch a series of new superheroes. On the other side of the Pacific, Korean comic book makers can’t sit still, they immediately. embarked on the production of dramas through his favorite Webtoon Manhwa productions.

 The Asian comics industry is witnessing fierce but also intriguing competition between the Korean Webtoon Manhwa and the Japanese Hentai Manga.  While Manga Hentai focuses on characters with elaborate brushstrokes and sexy bodies, Webtoon manhwa focuses on excellent content. Webtoon Manhwa means comics, created with the purpose to post on pages.  web of mobile devices. With the explosion of technology, powerful hardware devices such as the Note 10 plus or the Iphone 11 Pro help readers experience comics with high quality. Among thousands of works ranging from comedy,  fantasy, adult webtoon, Action, Drama, Romance, BL (Boy Love), GL (Girl Love) or mature webtoon extremely rich.Some excellent works are adapted from webtoon manhwa (Korean Comics), here is are the names that are considered to be the most attractive in the present.

 The trend of film adaptations from comics (including traditional comics and webtoon – online comics) has been popular on Korean screens for many years now.  With a unique storyline and confirmed charisma, webtoon manhwa has been an abundant “resource” for local filmmakers to take advantage of exploiting and retelling stories in film language.

 Here are the manhwa webtoon series that have been successful and about to be launched by the audience “thanks” to use the platform of web comics. If you want to read manhwa webtoon hentai for free and find out the original content of the Drama  Webtoon, please visit Manytoon. The best website about manhwa webtoon, there are hundreds of high quality titles waiting for you to discover.

 1 – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

 With the highest rating 8,665%, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?  is one of the most popular Korean dramas this year both at home and abroad.  Although the plot is not too good, the work of cable tvN still “raises money” thanks to many factors such as the popular couple: Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon.

 Entertainment, bold “shoujo” (film for girls), beautiful context and impressive fashion are the big plus points that helped the film storm the screen throughout last summer.

 Humorous but no less romantic love story of the boss couple – the secretary “stormed” the Korean film community.  The film is considered as the pioneer owner for the success of the webtoon film adaptation in early 2019.

 2 – My ID Is Gangnam Beauty – My Beauty Gangnam

 In addition to What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?  has aired, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty is also a project adapted from the webtoon that many fans loved in 2019. The film was also noticed since the announcement of the glitter cast, especially  with the male lead being “a guy coming out of a comic” Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO).

 Next is the story to help My ID Is Gangnam Beauty attract the audience when hitting the psychology of the crowd.  Film is a story about a society that values ??appearance, in a country where you just have to have a beautiful face and body, you will be the winner.  The film conquers the audience not only by its interesting storylines and beautiful characters, but also by the meaningful humanistic messages.

 3 – Love Alarm

 Love Alarm is a webtoon of artist Chun Kye Young, revolving around people who want to know their true feelings in a society through mobile applications.  Starting to start filming in 2019 but until now, fans of the Love Alarm comic series have the opportunity to watch the live-action version on Netflix.

 The female lead in Love Alarm is Kim Jo Jo – a beautiful, intelligent and always smiling girl.  No one knows that Jo Jo has to live with relatives because both parents have passed away. Jo Jo doesn’t believe in love, so she doesn’t bother using that phone app.

 Love Alarm features promising actors: Kim So Hyun (Jo Jo), Song Kang (Hwang Sun Oh) and Jung Ga Ram (Lee Hee Young).

 4 – Something About Us

 Something About Us is a romantic webtoon that centers around a high school boy and girlfriend.  They began to develop feelings when entering the university auditorium. People around him are always curious about the relationship between Woo Jin – Ga Young but they always answer “We are friends”.

 The choice of actors to play the male leads is getting the attention of the audience.  According to the latest information, actor Seo Kang Joon will take on the role of Han Woo Jin.  Meanwhile, the female lead Ga Yong is still a mystery. Let’s wait for Something About Us to air for more details!

 5 – Strangers From Hell

 Korean webtoon is not only famous for romantic love works, but also is widely known for its series of thriller detective stories.  The most recent is Strangers From Hell – a hot work on the Naver Webtoon website.

 The series is a horror detective genre currently leading on hits on Naver Webtoon.

 The main character in Strangers From Hell is Yoon Jong Woo – a 25-year-old young man who just came from Seoul to look for a job.  Because of tight economic conditions, Jong Woo could only rent a shabby room less than 10 square meters in the old dormitories.

 After living here for a while, Jong Woo realized that the neighbors around him were very weird.  Can Jong Woo live peacefully with thugs, monsters dressed in disguise here?

 Strangers From Hell reflects a miniature gloomy society in the cheap inn.  A place where crime is constantly happening but no one knows, the place that turns people into monsters from hell.  Thrilling and dramatic, the series describes the journey to find the light of life again.

 Although there has not been any official announcement, the Korean social network has spread the list of actors participating in the drama Strangers From Hell.

 Accordingly, it is possible that actor Choi Woo Sik will play the male lead Jong Woo.  Jin Seon Kyu entered some tenants of room 206. Ma Dong Seok took on the role of the tattooed uncle in room 205.

 The comics with beautiful drawings were very attractive to the reader, when it was adapted into a movie with beautiful, talented actors and the investment “bringing the story page to life”, surely the films.  Will this be the same as What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? or My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. What is your choice in 2019, share with Manytoon! Hopefully in 2020 we can see the super products on the big screen with famous webtoon such as: Close as Neighbors, My Aunt, My Stepmom, Secret Friend, The White Room, Project Utopia, My Friend’s Dad, The  Unwanted Roommate, Secret Neighbors, Springtime for Blossom, A Nonsense Relationship, Body Trap, Anything for You …