Top Things to Do in Cebu in 2020

Cebu is one of the most sought-after destinations of Philippines. Known for its natural beauty, historical sites, vivid local life, and quality food, Cebu is considered the ideal destination for every type of traveler. The variety of available options can make you feel a bit overwhelmed when you pay a visit to this magnificent destination. Check out some Cebu Hotels here. Next is a list of the best things to do in Cebu in 2020!

Dive with some friendly whale sharks

Whale sharks are the biggest type of fish in the world. Although the name may naturally terrify you, those creatures are extremely friendly in Philippines. Although they are considered a wild species, local fishermen continue to feed them all over the year and that makes the whales stick to Cebu. Various companies organize some tours and diving opportunities that will allow you to swim along with those impressive creatures. A typical daily tour also includes a scenic coastal drive and a boat trip to rest after the whole swimming and diving experience.

Visit the oldest Catholic Church in Philippines

Basilica den Santo Nino is the oldest church in Philippines. Founded in 1565, the church is open to locals and prayers from all over the world. Apart from its religious aspect, however, this church offers an insight into the traditional architecture of the place. Walking along its corridors will enable you to admire some impressive 17th-century relics and some ancient paintings. When you visit the church, you will also, have the chance to visit its specifically designed library that’s filled with books covering a broad variety of modern issues.

Walk across Taboan Public Market

A traditional local market, full of tasty goodies and local products, you could not possibly leave Cebu without visiting Taboan Public Market. A wide variety of dried foods, meat, nuts, and seafood are available for you to taste, purchase or just look. Every day, in the morning, lots of locals come to the market from every part of the city to purchase the necessary ingredients for their lunch meal. Therefore, visiting the market at that time will enable you to have a good talk with the locals and learn about their interesting way of life, as well as about some unique recipes they have inherited from their great grandparents.

Enjoy a 360-degree view of the city

Tops Lookout has remained a top destination in Cebu all those years. The reason? It is the only spot in the whole city that can offer visitors a spectacular view from above. A fortress-like viewing deck makes this spot romantic and quite serene, as well. The circular stone architecture of the place, along with the cool air makes this place great, all day long. Even at night, the view is spectacular since the whole city is lit up and you’ll be able to admire Cebu’s most important monuments from far above.

Surround yourself with nature in the city’s Botanical garden

The Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden is the ideal place if you wish to get away from the city’s energy for a moment. The city’s most impressive botanical garden is a flower garden where a variety of local flowers are greatly arranged on the slope of a hill to form some colorful flower terraces. It has some comfortable and cozy cabanas where you can rest for a while alone or with your friend or family surrounded by all that pure nature. At the top of the hill, there is also, a beautiful cafe where you can enjoy your cup of coffee while admiring the view.

Visit a well-preserved Ancestral House

Yap San Diego Ancestral House is one of the most well-preserved and oldest houses in Cebu. Dated back in 1675, this ancestral building has managed to maintain its original integrity throughout the centuries. The roof is made of Chinese bricks, while the lower part is made of some impressive coral stones. This ancestral home is surrounded by old paintings, antiques and various traditional furniture dated back to the 16th century. The best part is that an English-speaking tour guide is available, and you will be able to learn some interesting stories and little facts about the house, its former owners and their children.

Cebu is the ideal travel destination for every type of traveler. Its unique sceneries and variety of available activities promise to make your trip to Cebu memorable and full of joyful moments. After all, Cebu has become the center of commerce, trade, and tourism in Philippines over the last centuries. If you are willing to spend some days in this first class city, then you will not regret it!