Trial And Appeal Procedures Legal Aid Montreal

Law is not easily available to all and if your lawyer and witness are not strong enough then it may even result in backfire too. Also, you need to know about your rights and procedure on how to complain in case you are the victim then you should know about all facts and terms where you can claim your rights. Through legal aid montreal you to get out of such problems and also reduce the amount which you need to pay in case of any unwanted cause.

What they Got in Recent Times

There are many cases they solved in recent times, and each case was unique in itself. The verdict of the case depends on the factors specific to it. But not all the clients received acquittal, some of them were also convicted.

Some of the cases which they fought are

  • Recently, a man approached them for seeking help regarding impaired driving. The client was with one of his friends in the fishing spot and he was drunk and driving the boat. Then, they were witnessed by some people and they reported to the police regarding this incident. Even after a lot of effort, the client was found acquittal and had to suffer the loss.
  • Another case they found was a client who was held for obstructing a peace officer in duty. This case was a bit tough as there was no help from the law department and quite difficult to discharge the client. But after all the efforts the client was discharged. Though many proofs were given by the association to prove that their client has shown many significant changes in the behaviour. The incident, however, happened in a fight between 8 people and the client was drunk. So they had discharged him after 20 months after the whole verdict. There were many things provided as proofs which were
  1. The young age of the client. The client was just 21 years and it is a very young age to suffer this.
  2. His cooperation with the cops. It was important as police play an important role in discharging him.
  3. His guilty plea, which avoids him from the trial.
  4. The regrets he expressed to court. These things were last of all but were important to get support from the court.
  • Sometimes cases are kept in ‘stay’ due to some legal reasons. They faced something similar a few years back. Their client was arrested because he was involved in the execution of a British police officer in the USA. Their client was arrested in a very short period for breaching the charges. After that many trials and proceedings were held and many hearings were there. At the end the case is kept held and a strong reason is needed to convert the verdict to any of the side.

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