Types of Private Planes Defined

Are you looking for a falcon 2000 charter or a Gulfstream g550 rental? Do you know what size or type of jet would be best for your particular needs? If not, that is OK. Jets like any aircraft come in a variety of sizes and styles, and when dealing with private jets, those differences can mean a significant difference in price and experience.

Very Light or Compact Jets

If you are looking for charter flights Los Angeles and do not require a lot of room, then a very light or compact jet is likely your best option. While these jets do not typically have enough room for cabin attendants, they are great for shorter trips – around 1,100 nautical miles – and can accommodate up to seven passengers.

Small Cabin Jets

Small cabin jets are a step above compact jets and typically have an onboard bathroom. They can carry up to 8 passengers, which isn’t much more than the smaller aircraft. However, these planes are better for longer trips, with ranges of two to three hours.

Super Lights

Super light jets are more spacious than the previous models, and they can fly nearly twice the distance of compact jets. The larger interior does allow for more luggage and comfort for up to eight passengers.

Midsize Cabin

Midsize cabin jets are a variety of business jets that can accommodate both longer and shorter ranges. These planes have fold-out divans, large storage areas and enclosed bathrooms, and they remain among the most fuel-efficient models. They can carry up to eight passengers, and some of the larger models can fit a cabin attendant.

Super Midsize

If you need a jet that can fit up to 12 passengers, then you are looking for a super-midsize cabin jet, such as a Cessna Citation Sovereign. These planes offer a more elevated flight experience while still remaining economical for the size and range.

Heavy Jets

If you are looking for a jet that can travel up to nine hours nonstop with a range of around 4,000 miles, then you are likely searching for a heavy jet, like a Gulfstream II. These jets provide first-class seating and private sleeping areas. Also, they can transport at least ten passengers, not counting the flight attendants.

Ultra Long Range

In order to be classified as an ultra-long-range jet, a plane must be capable of ranges of 6,000 to 6,500 nautical miles. Beyond the distance, these planes offer stand-up cabins, plenty of luggage storage, lie-flat beds and enclosed bathrooms.


The most expensive private jets on the market are bizliners. These planes typically have private suites, business centers and dining areas in addition to other amenities. Also, these planes boast plenty of room flight attendants.

What size private jet are you interested in chartering? If you’re looking for a plane capable of transporting only a few passengers a short distance, then a compact jet is likely your best choice. However, if you need room for ten and are planning a long trip, then a heavy or ultra-long-range aircraft is probably best. If you want some help with your decision, then reach out to a charter service to discuss your specific needs.