Types of roof surveys and need for a roof survey

Most people don’t get their roof surveyed and end up spending huge amounts on repairs of tiles, drainage, and other roof parts that may be saved by spending small amounts on regular surveys and maintenance. Roof surveys help you detect damages and problem areas early apart from helping you maintain a healthy and strong building for long.

There are many different types of roof surveys available with professional roof surveying companies and contractors. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most important types from which you can choose one that suits your requirements.

Visual roof survey

In this survey, the contractor sends his professional surveyor to the site and he uses his tools and equipment to inspect and photograph all the details required like rainwater gutters, roof coverings, tiles, using manual or automated equipment as required.

This type of survey is most popular for buildings that are not very high and their roofs are accessible and not very risky to reach.

Extended camera Survey

This type of survey is conducted when even though the roof of the building is at average height but, roof coverings are fragile and therefore risky for visual survey. In this type of survey, the professional expert uses long mast camera to photograph problematic areas that require attention. 

Mewp Survey

This type of survey is used in commercial buildings that are very high and not safe for people to access through ladders or access hatches. Under this survey, contractors use mobile elevating platforms up to roofs that are 100 meter high and inspect them just like visual roof survey.

Drone roof survey

Roofs that are very high and highly risky for survey people to reach, contractors use drone technology to survey the rooftops. Drones have become very popular as they can reach areas that are very difficult to access by humans. Theses drones are fitted with best camera and recording technologies that enable you to take very sharp and accurate photographs of problematic area.

Drone survey also allows you to conduct roof survey in much shorter time as compared to physical survey. It can conduct many surveys in the time span in which one manual survey is completed. Also, drone surveys are more accurate and detailed as compared to manual surveys making them most popular form of survey in modern times.

Thermal roof survey

This type of roof survey is used for commercial and industrial rooftops and uses infra-reds technology to detect anomalies and damage in the roof. The survey results are highly accurate and quick which makes this type a popular form.

Need for a roof survey

Good professional survey offers you handful of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Timely fixes

Once you have got roof survey of your building, you know all the problem areas before they become a nuisance and become a big liability on you. You have the time to plan and execute the roofing work so that you can eradicate all the problems in time.

Cost saving

If you get a roof survey at regular intervals, you get a fair idea about the work that your building requires. It saves you lots of money because you get it repaired when the problem is small and costs are very less.

Helps in buying and selling property

If you are a buyer, you would want to know the exact position of the building structure and its roof along with interiors. Best way to know about the building is to get it surveyed. The method you use will decide the cost of survey, but will definitely help you in making an informed decision.

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