Types of tracks available in the market and how to style them

The one thing that pops up in your mind immediately when you think of comfort or workout is the women trackpants. These are available in various types for the ladies and gents equally, but you will find them in a more elaborated style for the females. Obviously, the primary reason for this is that women tend to wear these track pants on various occasions other than working out or at home and they like to style them differently. So, if you are searching for the different types of track pants available and you want to even know how to style them in various ways, then this post is for you.

  • The baggy trackpants — The women trackpants which is made just for the sense of comfort are the baggy trackpants! As the name suggests, these are typically oversized or baggy in fit so that you can be extremely at home wearing them. Yes, you can wear these track pants other than just any your house lounging around. Like, you can wear these baggy track pants when you go out for a walk with your pet dog. This is also preferred by pregnant women and can be worn best with your casual tees or loose shirts.
  • The yoga track-pants — The yoga women trackpants are ones that fit on you like a second skin. This track pants are extremely comfortable and helps you perform the various yoga asanas in the easiest manner. For best results, wear these track pants with a crop top or a tight fitting t-shirt so that you are extremely comfortable during your yoga sessions.
  • The stretchable women trackpants — If you are someone who does a lot of weight lifting or cardio or exercises in the gym, then you should definitely go for the stretchable women track pants. These can be of any colour that you want and since the fabric is stretchable, it makes rapid movements during workout pretty easy. You can wear your gym tees with motivational quotes over these trackpants. Then even camisoles and sports bras are the perfect pairing options with these trackpants.
  • The joggers with strings — Joggers are recently in trends as lots of celebrities are seen wearing them recently. The joggers are basically the track pants with narrow elastic based bottoms that run around your ankle. If you are wearing joggers with strings, these can be super comfortable and very breathable apparel for your workout sessions, yoga and even as lounge wear You can pair your regular casual t-shirts with this joggers and let the string be openly seen by everyone as these can be very trendy as well. 
  • The regular fit trackpants — Now, let’s talk about the regular fit track pants that you get in market. These are just like your pants or lounge wear which are extremely comfortable, breathable and very basic. You just get a pocket or two with these pants and can be worn at home when you are relaxing around watching your favourite movie and munching some popcorn. You can wear anything from your t-shirt or shirt or kurta on this track pant and be extremely relaxing at home.