Ultimate Bar Stool Buying Guide

Bar stools are the ultimate addition to your home! Now, they are a big decision and investment. Given that you don’t usually purchase just one bar stool, you want to be absolutely sure about the look and feel of the piece that you choose. Whether you’re designing a home from scratch or you’re simply adding a couple of bar stools to your kitchen, dining or living space, follow this ultimate guide to finding the perfect bar stool for you…

Pin Down your Budget

As with any big purchase or decision, you’re going to need to know how much capital you have to to work with. As touched on above, bar stools are not exactly a minimal expense, that’s because people tend to pick up between two and six for a family home. If you’re planning on using your stool as a side table or extra perch in an office space, one will probably be a perfect amount for you. When it comes to those who are looking for seats at communal spaces such as the breakfast bar, casual dining space or in the living room, four to six tend to work best. Take your finances into account and the amount of people that you have in your household to determine the right number of stools for you.

Look at your Overall Style

Once you’ve deciphered your budget and the number of bar stools that you need, it’s time to look at the style that you’re trying to capture! In order for your new addition to look right in your home, you should take a look at the overarching aesthetic of either your existing interior design or your belongings. Suiting your stools to your existing look will ensure that your pieces flow seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Think About Location

Next, you’ll need to consider where you’re planning on placing your new bar stools. The breakfast bar is probably the most traditional spot. If you’re planning on positioning them for your morning coffee or breakfast, look at bagging backless stools with adjustable height settings. These will give you that contemporary cafe look that is perfect for bringing some edge to your kitchen island. Perhaps you want to introduce a couple of creative seating options for your dining nook or room? You’ll need to explore your options for stools with a backrest and a sturdy, weight distributing base.

Materials Matter

Materials make a huge difference to the look, feel and use of a bar stool – so pay attention here, people! If you’re looking for a neutral piece that can easily blend with a myriad of different aesthetics, consider selecting timber. Worn timber is homely and full of character, meaning your dining or breakfast bar stools will last beautifully, even if you have little ones. If you’re after more of a contemporary vibe, consider going for acrylic or chrome stools. For industrial opt for a dark iron and for Hampton’s chic, go for upholstered linen or cotton.

Make your Measurements

Before you jump the gun and head online or in store, you need to be certain of the height that you need your bar stools to be. This means that you also have to be finalised on where you’re planning on positioning them, even if you are planning on grabbing stools with adjustable heights or swivel settings. Measure from the floor to the underneath of your chosen table or bar’s surface and take the numbers with you wherever you shop!

Follow these tips and you can be sure that your purchase will be perfect for your lifestyle and your home!