Understanding the Impacts of a DUI on Your Personal and Professional Life

A DUI charge in New Jersey can have severe and long-lasting consequences in the personal and professional life of a defendant. A DUI conviction will appear in your routine background checks, which limits your driving abilities and licensing. This is why must hire a skilled defense lawyer such as one from Lento Law Firm to ensure the best outcome for your DUI case. An attorney with extensive experience in DUI cases and deep knowledge of the justice system in the state is ready to defend you against the charges you are facing. They will protect your rights and future. 

How a DUI Charge Will Change Your Life

A DUI conviction can affect your future and career in many ways. The consequences can vary depending on your specific circumstances. The money and time you will spend on legal proceedings alone can impact every aspect of your everyday living. 

Because of a DUI conviction, you may not be able to report to work for some days as you attend legal proceedings. The stress of your legal issues can worsen your work performance.  And because your license will be suspended, you will have reduced access to transportation. And with a CDL, the suspension will take even longer. In addition, you may find it hard to land a job due to your DUI record that appears in employers’ background checks. 

Licensing Consequences

A DUI charge can harm your career by interfering with your licensing status. Professional licenses can be suspended or revoked because of a DUI charge. But special programs are available to support professionals while they deal with the consequences of being arrested for DUI. When you take part in such programs, you may be able to retain or regain your professional license. Also, your participation shows the licensing boards and courts your desire to reform. 

Concerns About Background Checks

In New Jersey, a DUI is considered a traffic offense, not a criminal offense. Thus, a DUI charge won’t appear on a criminal record background check. But it will appear on background checks that involve a person’s driving record. This is the reason the charge will appear on the background check performed by employers. 

Hiring an Attorney to Protect Your Future

A DUI conviction affects your personal and professional life as well as your carer prospects. Because this much is at stake you need to hire an experienced attorney to defend your legal rights and make sure justice is served.