Vacationing In Honduras? Here Are Facts You Need To Know About The Country

Central America has some of the best tourist destinations in the world, and Honduras is one of them. If you’ve never been to the country before, then it’s high time that you consider traveling to this splendid country! 

Or when you are traveling to Honduras this year, you may want to brush up your knowledge to make things more exciting. In this article, we’ve collated facts that you should know about Honduras, the country:

Around 90% of ethnic groups in the country are mestizos.

Honduras is a country with rich culture and heritage. It was a Spanish colony before it became a republic in 1821. Since then, Honduras has had quite the transformation, and one of the most interesting Honduras facts is that 90% of the country’s ethnic groups are mestizos. During the early days of Spanish rule, the natives commune with the colonists heavily, resulting in a generation full of half and half. 

It’s a common sight to see blonde-haired, blue-eyed locals in all of the country. In the Bay Islands specifically, the number of foreign-looking locals is higher than all the other parts of the country. It is partly because of the British pirates who came to the country five hundred years ago. Right now, their direct descendants live in a country that has more than fifty percent of its inhabitants below the poverty line.

Honduras is a country with rich natural resources.

One irony that has plagued many natural resources-rich nations is that they’re willfully underdeveloped. Most of the developed countries around the world don’t have the natural resources that some areas of the world have. Honduras is one of these natural resources-rich countries that is suffering the same fate. 

The country is known for its vast mineral deposits like gold, silver, and copper. The mining industry in the country isn’t the most-tightly refined either, so sub-standard mining practices are common. Honduras is also rich in agricultural products, and in fact, it’s an agricultural country through and through. Tropical fruits are farmed in some areas, and sugarcane, as well as coffee, are excellent exports.

Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras.

Christopher Columbus discovered the country. Honduras, which translates to “great depths,” had been a part of the explorer’s first word upon reaching the coast: “Thank the heavens we got out of these Great Depths!” Since then, the country has been called Spanish Honduras, not to be confused with the British Honduras, which is now modern-day Belize. 

Honduras was the first country to ban smoking in enclosed spaces.

One of the few things that Honduras was ahead of its time is its stance on smoking in enclosed spaces. Honduras is the first country in the world to ban smoking in enclosed spaces. The law on public smoking still needs some brushing up, but in schools, gas stations, even nightclubs, any enclosed space where the smoker can affect the room’s air quality, smoking is banned.

Scarlet macaws are so loved in the country that they made it their national bird.

Scarlet macaws are truly majestic creatures. They are part of the parrot family, and contrary to the public perception that they’re all scarlet, they usually come in red, green, blue, and yellow. The bird is common in the country, but there are areas in the world where these birds have faced endangerment. The scarlet macaws’ striking plumage is usually an ombre of red and scarlet, yellow, and bright blue. 

Football is popular in Honduras.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and in Honduras, there is an avid following for sports across the country. Today, it’s the most popular sport in the country, and this trend started in the 20th century when people began to see the sport as a national pastime. Getting on the national team is a great honor, but there are rigid qualifications to be met. Most of the country follows the World Cup religiously, with free TV stations covering it.

Toncontin International Airport is considered one of the most extreme airports in the world.

Toncontin International Airport is one of the few major airports in the country. In a list of the History Channel, TIA is ranked as the second most extreme airport in the world. Most aviators consider the airport’s approach as the most dangerous, and when coupled with harsh weather conditions, it’s virtually impossible to land safely. This is due in big part to the mountainous terrain surrounding the area, plus the short runway that makes landing with full speed a bit tricky.


Remember that whenever you are visiting a foreign country, respect for the people’s traditions and customs is paramount. You need to be able to adjust to how the people live and don’t criticize the way they are living. There’s no one way to live a life on this Earth, and it’s incredibly disrespectful to assume otherwise. Make your visit to Honduras the best travel ever by adhering to this one fundamental fact!