Web.com Reviews Discusses the Most Unusual Pets in The World


We have seen them in YouTube videos, maybe with a friend or a stranger. These exotic pets are weird, to say the least, and fascinating to anyone who lays their eyes on them. According to Web.com Reviews, the exotic pet industry is booming in North America and it gives you the opportunity to own some of the weirdest pets.

The Pets

Here are some of the most unusual pets in the world:

  1. Skunks – They may not be the weirdest pet in this list, but they are certainly the most notorious. However, in plenty of states in the US, they are absolutely legal to own. There are a few restrictions in some states, like getting the flurry tailed hairy stinker to be de-scented.

But owning one requires a lot of patience and discipline. Skunks aren’t really fond of indoors and are known to be heavy diggers. They may end up digging out your plants, damage your hardwood floor by clawing at it, and you may have to hire an expert for paper training. They are animals of the wild, but extremely cool to own.

  1. Flying Squirrels – You may be confused between sugar gliders and flying squirrels. However, the former is much more common, and the latter can’t be more exotic. They may seem similar, but flying squirrels are really rodents whereas sugar gliders belong to the marsupial family.

They can glide from one perch to the other and the greatest advantage is that you can own them even in small apartments. The large glassy eyes and tiny nose makes these weird pets extremely adorable.

  1. Piranhas – After the most adorable and weird pet comes the most terrifying one in this list. Most people prefer less government in their life. However, it would require a different kind of mental capacity to legalize piranhas as pets. Very few states allow them, but that doesn’t make this fish any less lethal.

If you have an evil lair where you would like to dispose of your enemies without a trace you can have a pool of piranhas.

  1. Wallabies – No, not wannabes. Wallabies! They look like mini kangaroos and that alone increases their appeal and makes them more adorable. Most exotic pet fans are quite familiar with this pet, but everyone can’t really afford to keep a 3ft high adorable hairy mini kangaroo at home.

You also need to give them plenty of space to run around and live in one of the very few states where it’s legal to own one. Small spaces can restrict these animals and make them aggressive.

  1. Fennec Foxes – It looks like a Pokemon and the large fluffy ears on this “desert wildlife” makes these foxes very adorable. However, you need to be very mindful of them since they aren’t fans of domestic spaces.


Some of the weird pets on this list are cute and adorable, while others are just outright dangerous. Web.com Reviews suggests that you do thorough research before owning any of them since they require special attention, care, and sometimes, a lot of land space.