What Are Jute Bags Made Of And Are They Really Good?

Bags are necessary to carry variety of things in them. These bags come in different materials and they have different weight limits along with sizes. The bags made of jute are considered the best among them. The jute bags have different names in different countries and their quality, make as well as design also differs from one place to next. Many companies get promotional jute bags  for making their consumers aware of the brand and also do their part of corporate social responsibility by using an eco-friendly product.

What is the main ingredient?

It is made of a plant fibre that grows exponentially fast. Hence, cultivating it and harvesting it to make jute bags is economically as well as environmentally sustainable. There are different sub-types of this particular plant that makes the fibres either more durable or less durable as well as convenient or non-convenient to make the bags. Nonetheless, the fibre is procured from the plants and then treated in the workshop, after which either with the help of machines or manually; the bags are made. The interesting thing that a consumer should know here is that the harvesting of jute involves a lot of people because it mostly done by hands and not machines.

Are they really durable?

This is a question that many who are using plastic and other non-biodegradable material bags; ask. Well, a jute bag may not be water-proof or stain-proof, but they are certainly durable if made right as well as they tend to last long if they are not overloaded. The stitching or pasting material also matters a lot as well as the inner lining material of the jute bag. Although most of the manufacturers use a cotton fabric lining in the inside of the bag, but few use plastic lining too. The latter makes the bag extremely durable but not environment friendly.

However, some quality bio-friendly components are also used to make the bags much durable but it increases the making cost and consequently the price of the final product. But the jute bag does come with great quality and durability with warranty. Such bags are used to not just carry light items but heavy things such as laptops, books, clothes etc.

Where should the jute bags be bought from?

Although, they are available in stores across the street as well, but ordering them from reliable online portals would benefit in many ways. First, the variety and material used can be checked. Second, the price differences and warranty months can be checked. Finally, it will be delivered to home. Moreover, there could be a cash back probability or discounts which is always good. After all, money coming back in the pocket with environmental benefits is a good thing.

But keeping an eye out for companies that are running promotional campaigns with free jute bag distribution, would get a person good deal. A bag that is eco-friendly, durable yet absolutely free to procure and use.