What Are The Benefits of Mobile App Ads?

Mobile ads made up 63% of ALL digital ad revenue in 2018 and App Store’s revenue in 2018 was $46.6 Billion. So we can safely say: Mobile marketing is the next big thing.

If you want to get into the world of mobile advertising with your app, you can count on these benefits!

Improved user experience

A well integrated mobile marketing strategy can benefit you and user. Prividing users with rewards in exchange for their time spent while watching ads can improve their experience. Mobile app ads also boost user engagement and help you keep your customers happy.  By tailoring ads to your app, you can provide users another source to interact.

More money for your app

When combined with in-app purhases, mobile app ads create additional monetary source for you. Mobile ads also drive in-app purchases. Users who engage with the rewarded ads are more likely to buy within the app, as in-game currency, virtual goods or subscriptions.

Growing industry

99firms says mobile data traffic is projected to increase 700% from 2016 to 2021. Market is growing with more apps and advertisers who want a piece of that big cake! Mobile marketing industry creates more opportunities and new ways to improve performance and user experience. And it is slowly becoming mandatory to survive in mobile app industry.

More focused targeting

Mobile app ads are not only useful for the developer of the app, it is also useful for the advertisers, that’s why it’s a growing market! Advertisements in apps are seen as more organic and natural. Also, some forms of interactive ads gives the advertisers an option of when and where to Show their ads. This ensures a natural transition for the user and provides positive outcomes.

More memorable ads

Ipsos’ research on mobile app industry shows that in-app ads are more effective and more memorable. They say it’s beacuse people are more engaged when they are interacting with an app and therefore it makes the ads more memorable.

If you want to grow stronger in the mobile app market, you can benefit from a case study:  A Proven Strategy to Increase App Store Ratings.