What are the Best Types of Mobile Ads?

As the talk of the town, mobile advertising has overtaken desktop in 2017. Then, the gap in revenues generated by mobile and desktop overgrown up to the present. In fact, according to eMarketer’s data, by 2022 mobile will make up a staggering 75% of all digital ad spending. Thus, it is not surprise that mobile advertising formats are very important for app marketers. Marketers have to gain a deep understanding about different mobile ad formats and how to advertise an app.

Let’s shoot a glance to best mobile ads types for 2020.

  • Video Ads

Based on today’s user behaviors on mobile devices, we can say that video ad format guarantees the highest CTR (click-through rate). There are two main video ad formats as Interstitial and Rewarded.

  • Interstitial Video Ads

They are skippable after 15 seconds. It is advantage in comparison to after 5 seconds skippable ones. The most common interstitial video ad sizes are 320×480, 300×400 and 300×250.

  • Rewarded Video Ads

It’s featured speciality is offering an incentive to the user who is watching the ad. Especially gaming industry uses rewarded video ads intensely.

  • Standart Banner Ads

Banner ads are very interesting ad format because everyone says that it’s washed-out but it is still one of the most commonly used ad format J The most important reason of it, Banner Ads are reaching really huge audience although it’s outcomes can not be measured effectively. So it seems that in 2020, banner ads will continue to be used constantly.

The most common banner ad sizes are 325×250, 300×250, 320×100, 250×250, 200×200, 320×50, 300×50.

  • Native Ads

Today, users want to see only the thing that they searched, play or like. So, when you interrupt their experience with an ad, they may not be interested with it or may be irritated. To cope with it, native ads are the smartest way of publishing advertising.

You can use the in-feed units, paid search units, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, in-ad or custom Native ad formats for your mobile advertising campaigns.

The most common mobile ads types/ formats are them. However, the promotion an app is not composed of advertising. You can promote your app for free as well. There are some proven techniques to promote your app for free. If you are curious about it, you can check from here detailed.

Thank you guys.