What are the top Online Rummy tips for Beginners

Many people play various online games to make money and treat it as a secondary income. For all the card game lovers, Indian rummy had always had a special place in their hearts. Played among 2 to 6 players, this game helps bring together family and friends during the get-togethers. Earlier Indian rummy games required the players to be physically present in a location to be able to play the game. However, the introduction of the game in various online platforms has contrived to bring together the older and younger generation alike and play the game from anywhere with a stable internet connection. This Indian game makes use of basic mathematics and probabilities skills blended with the use of visual and auditory senses, making this game fun and engaging.

Indian rummy can be played for either free or for cash. Various online platforms have several cash rummy tournaments that they organize on a weekly or a monthly basis. With every tournament the players win, they earn money. The money is usually transferred to the linked bank account within 24 hours. The websites make use of secured SSL servers for the transactions. You can use debit/credit cards or net banking to put your money in a game of cash rummy. 

The beginners are usually advised to start by playing free tournaments so that they can get the hang of Indian rummy and devise their game plan. Even if they do deposit money to play the cash rummy, they should invest only a small amount. This is to make sure that even if they lose the game, they will only lose a small amount. Here are some of the tips to play Indian rummy for beginners:

  1. Understand the concept: Before diving right into a game of Indian rummy, the first thing you should do is understand the smallest details of the game-play. There are huge numbers of tutorials available online in the form of blogs, videos, and informative articles. Beginners can learn concepts, tricks, and tips on how to win a game. It is also helpful if you have played the game in the past, but had to stop playing for some reason. It helps you to brush up on your basic skills.
  2. Arranging the cards properly: To win a game of Indian rummy, you must make sure that you arrange your cards into a pure sequence. Doing this at the earliest in your game gives you the advantage over your opponent. A properly arranged hand is also easy to meld and gives you an idea of what cards you should discard and the ones you should keep. Always try to arrange the suits by their colors, so that it does not confuse you later on in the game. Discard high-ranking cards early in the games, so that even if you lose the cash rummy game, you will lose by lesser points.
  3. Try the free games first: Practicing on free games will give you an idea of the competition you might be facing on the online cash rummy. It also helps you to learn a few tricks and tips on your own, about how to win a game. It will help you discover many aspects of the game and develop some skills that you will need to win various cash rummy tournaments. The mathematical side of the game is a bit confusing and requires an insane amount of practice to learn. It would not be wise to practice your game-plays on cash rummy games. 
  4. Bonuses and promotions: Do not miss out on bonuses and promotions. It will be quite beneficial in the early stages of your Indian rummy gaming career. Since all the cash rummy websites are looking to increase their player base, the bonuses and promotions are quite useful to the players. It is one way that you could extend your play money. Some promotions also offer cashback, which could be a huge advantage for the player.
  5. Opponent’s card: One of the most followed tricks by the professionals to win cash rummy games is that they keep track of the opponent’s discarded pile. If possible, make sure to remember what card they are picking from the open pile. This way you will get an idea of their game plan and strategize your play accordingly. Memorizing the card that your opponents pick also gives you the idea, what cards you should not discard to not let them win their game.
  6. Be wise to drop the game: Even if a cash rummy includes money, always remember that at the end of the day it is just another card game. It’s not worth losing your mind or emptying your bank account over. If you feel like your opponent is winning, and you are unable to meld a pure sequence, as the game reaches the final stage, you can drop the game any second. Keep in mind that it is a thrilling game that was meant to keep you entertained, so dropping the game before making a move with only a little point will not hurt you. 

Tricks to win a game of cash rummy

Some of the tricks that you should remember while playing Indian rummy is that when you pick a card from the open pile, you are leaving a clue to your opponents as to what sequence you might be forming. Therefore, to negate that, if you have two cards of the same suit and value, you can discard one of them to the open pile. This will confuse your opponents and you will still have the favor of winning odds. 

Do not underestimate the role of the Joker card in a game of cash rummy. It could win you a losing game. Indian rummy games have two jokers, one the Printed joker and the other one is the wild joker. A wild joker can be used to form an impure sequence and printed joker to complete a run of sequence or set of higher points value. Avoid retaining any card for longer than it is necessary. If you have a high point value card, discard them at the beginning of the game. Keep discarding all the cards that aren’t necessary and the ones that will lead you to lose the more points should you lose the game.