What are the unique ways of using plastic crates? 

Plastic crates are manufactured in plenty in Sydney and other regions of Australia. The plastic milk crate may be rectangular or square in shape. It is only industrial grade of heavy duty plastic which is used for making them. The crates are used for transporting milk and can even be used in retail establishments to display the products. Although used for transporting milk, nowadays milk crates are used at homes as furniture pieces. Even in the college rooms, milk crates are used. College dormitories have limited space and so books and daily items cannot be stored properly. School supplies and books may be accommodated in plastic crates by reflex equipment. Even when the study desk at home has enough space, it cannot accommodate text books, papers and school paraphernalia that the student acquires in the college life. Plastic milk crates are being used as furniture shelves to store items.

Features of plastic crates 

Plastic crates are extremely useful items that may be acquired at cheaper rates. They can even be handmade and sold at specialty stores and thrift stalls. Due to the immense strength and durability, the crates may be used for furniture. 

Creative ways of using plastic milk crates! 

Owing to the tremendous strength and durability, the crates may be used in creative ways:

  • The plastic milk crates can be used as chairs or stools. If you want to get more creative, add stool legs and an additional backing to the chair. Put on those soft cushions onto the seats to make it more comfortable. Buy foam which can be cut or fit onto the chair perfectly. Those who already have old furniture, they can use the foams of old ones. 
  • If you have a bit of knowledge in wattage and wiring, you can use the plastic crates to make ceiling lights. You will not have to use casual plastic covers and glass covers but rather a milk plastic crate, comprised of sturdy raw material, may be used. Use a number of bulbs and crates to foster a creative and ingenious light piece.
  • Various kinds of desks may be prepared with plastic crates by Equip2go. A singular crate may be employed to foster side table or a small end table. 

There are plenty of ways of using plastic crates. Use a long wooden plank while attaching plastic crates on the stool legs. This will make the table longer. 

Why should you consider using plastic crates? 

Crates are used for transporting and storing items. Comprised of wood or plastics, crates are valuable items. Plastic crates are used for transporting heavy items and they remain new forever. Being light in weight, the plastic crates are easy and convenient to carry. Items like cans, milk bottles, furniture items or office supplies can be shifted easily from one place to another. Plastic crates are long lasting and have a sturdy construction. Even when the sides are bent or twisted, you cannot break it. 

You can use plastic crates to transport fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no need of any sort of pest treatment when it comes to plastic crates. Using plastic crates has huge environmental benefits as well. You can recycle the items and re-use them. In the long run, it proves to be much cheaper solution than using crates of other materials. Available in different dimension, style and pattern, you can procure the one as per your need. A well designed crate is also stackable and may be nestled. Being light in weight, such crates are made to store large number of items. It saves space and makes the transportation easy. 

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