what does kitfo taste like

i want tell you how i had learned kitfo recipe :

It was almost three years ago that I was invited to a friend’s wedding. The wedding was in another city and I had to get ready a few days ago. Mary is a close friend of mine. We are friends since childhood. We’ve been friends for about 4 years.
I had to buy beautiful clothes and I needed bags and shoes. The wedding was my closest friend and I was so happy.

kitfo food recipe
I bought the supplies I needed. I lightened my hair a little. The night before, I put my clothes on my suitcase and packed my wedding supplies and gifts with a postcard I had bought for Marie.
Because of the many things I had, I decided to drive. I arrived there the day before the ceremony. I saw Marie after 5 years and i miss her alot . That night we talked to Marie. She was so happy to see me that she had forgotten her wedding tomorrow.
Marie talked about the dishes she had prepared for her wedding dinner, along with several other types of food. she said she had prepared some kind of food made with raw meat. And very tasty
Given the characteristics of the food, I thought the food was bad and I could not eat. I just only remembered the name of the dish because Marie repeatedly called it. its name was Kitfo.

kitfo taste :

kitfo recipe

The day has come. In addition to being happy with the wedding, I loved to try the kitfo. Marie was so beautiful when I saw her tears in my eyes. But again, I was thinking of kitfo . Ha ha!
at dinner time I went to dinner table as if it had been struck. Marie blinked at me and said test kitfo.
it was fantastic and colorful. They were served it in a silver bowl. The color of the food was red and decorated with lemon and lettuce, which looked much more palatable.
In addition, kitfo was shining among the white roses that the table was decorated with.
I put some kitfo on the plate. I put some of it in my mouth. I couldn’t believe its taste was unique.
The mix of beef with butter and cheese was great. Another thing I ate was really unique.

kitfo recipe :

A few days after the ceremony when we were sitting with Marie in the cafe. I asked her how to make a kitfo.
I have been making this dish for almost three years now. Remember what I’m saying so you can make it. Chopped meat, garlic, clove powder, cardamom powder, salt, pepper, some turmeric and onions. Grill the meat with onions and garlic. Then add the rest of the spices and mix. Then serve in the desired dish. You can eat it with bread, but it wasn’t at the wedding. You can take a review for the grill machine from weber q1000 vs q1200.

kitfo recipe
You can change the material according to your taste. Decorate it with lemon, lettuce and tomatoes. to have colorful kitfo. dont forget beverages . i tell this delicious food recipes who you know .Whenever I make this dish, I remember the wedding and the delicious taste . I hope have a good memory by kitfo .

you can search more about kitfo and test other recipes . serve it with bread too . if you dont have enough time for cooking make this easy food . you can add chili alittle more it can be more tasty .

some people earn money by cooking this dish and selling of it .

its popular dish in lots of countries . all the people like it . at first they think it has bad taste because its raw .

if you test it you will know its more delicious than you think .

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