What Evidence Do You Need To Present For Your Personal Injury Case

When someone has caused you harm whether through an injury or an accident, you’re entitled to claim for damages and file a personal injury case. While you need a competent personal injury lawyer Stuart FL to take you through this rather complicated process, you also have to do your part and help gather the needed pieces of evidence.

In this article, we’re making it easier for you by compiling a list of proof you need to present for your case.

Police report. One of the first things your personal injury attorney Stuart FL will ask from you is if you have a copy of the accident report involving your case. This document features an objective narrative of the events that took place (in chronological order), and serves as the official record recognized by the law.

Medical records. When seeking medical attention for your injury, make sure to secure pertinent documents like emergency room records, medical bills, receipts for payments of the said bills, and psychological records among others. It will also be helpful to obtain your medical record before the accident took place for better comparison.

Photos or videos of the accident scene and your injury. If you’re physically able to do so, make sure to take photos or videos of the accident scene — including the injuries you’ve sustained and the damage it caused to your and surrounding properties. It’s also advisable to take photos of your injury as you recover. You can also obtain photos from nearby CCTV cameras or those taken by witnesses.

Witness statements. Speaking of witnesses, the people who’ve seen the accident as it happened are considered to be crucial to the success of your case. These witnesses provide an unbiased statement of how the events leading up to your injury actually occurred. Do your best to get these people’s contact information and get help from your lawyer as you start to collect statements from them.

Employment records indicating loss of wages. If you’re employed, obtaining a personal injury can hinder you from reporting to work. This leads to a loss in income, which in turn can significantly affect your economic well-being. To help your personal injury lawyer Stuart FL defend your case, gathering records that show how much potential wages (or income, if you’re self-employed) you’ve lost is a necessary thing to do.

The Importance of Preserving Pieces of Evidence

Every personal injury attorney Stuart FL knows how important it is to protect the evidence that will help you win your case. For instance, any physical proof should be kept securely and away from tampering. For photos and videos, backups should be created in separate storage devices.

For cases that involve witnesses, statements should also be taken as immediately as possible in order to retain their accuracy. Take note that there are people who may have trouble recalling memories, hence making their statements insignificant or invalid.

Discuss with your lawyer as to how the pieces of evidence you will use for your case should be gathered and be kept safe.