What gives lenses an upper hand above glasses?

There are many benefits to using contact lenses. Followings are some of the benefits:

  • The first and the best thing about contact lenses is that contact lenses are much closer to your eyes; thus these allow a better and wider view. The vision quality is also better in case of contact lenses. This is the thing that goes unnoticed most of the time and mentioning it here is really necessary so that you realize the importance of contact lenses.
  • You can run easily while wearing contact lenses. This gives a great benefit to the sportsmen.
  • Contact lenses fit with the eyes quite properly; thus people forget that they are wearing contact lenses.
  • The bad thing about glasses is that glasses get affected by the weather conditions. These provide bad vision in extreme weather. Contact lenses are much better because contact lenses don’t get affected by the weather.
  • Colored contact lenses can give different colors to your eyes thus you can easily enhance your appearance by the uses of colored contact lenses. You can also wear these lenses on special occasions such as Halloween.

The disadvantages of using glasses:

  • Glasses put a lot of pressure on your nose especially if your frame is too heavy. This causes real discomfort and can also lead to headache. Most people stop using glasses due to this reason even if they have poor eyesight.
  • Some people don’t feel satisfied with their appearance in glasses. Wearing glasses does not seem a good option for such people. It is highly recommended for such people to try out contact lenses.
  • Eyes can get magnified because of the strong glasses that you wear. If you have poor eyesight this case will be obvious. It really looks bad for you because it totally damages your overall look.
  • The bad thing about glasses is that glasses get affected by the elements around us. Glasses may look bad because of the surrounding environment and poor vision can be the result.
  • Glasses allow you to have only a small time frame for which you can wear these. You cannot wear glasses all the time. You have to compromise comfort in order to wear glasses. You cannot wear glasses while playing a sport and if you wear then you don’t feel comfortable while playing.

Colored contact lenses also provide something extra:

Colored contact lenses are much better than simple contact lenses. You can change your appearance according to the event for which you are planning. You can choose several colors based on your preferences and you can give different colors to your eyes on different days. Colored contact lenses are much popular and these lenses also serve the basic purpose of providing a better vision. You can also use special custom lenses that are made for special events such as Halloween. The coloured contact lenses Australia is surely the best place to buy these lenses. The reason is their amazing discounts and customer support.