What Happens When You Are Exposed To Electromagnetic Fields?

All around us Electromagnetic Magnetic Fields or EMF. They are not a current creation either. If the common person believes that. Even the sun, our closest star emits levels of EMF. But we as human beings rely more and more on electricity and other appliances for our daily lives. The amount of EMFs around us keeps going up. From our microwaves to even the wi-fi routers. EMFs always seem to be around us.

EMFs are also a form of radiation, but even bananas have some radiation. The radiation levels from these sources are most of the time harmless. Most of the radiation that comes from this everyday source is a low-level of radiation. It will cause no health problems to them. It is also referred to as non-ionizing radiation. A lot of the appliances we interact with give off this level of radiation. Like our microwaves, cellphones, and MRIs. These non-ionizing radiation sources can also be found in computers, and house energy meters.

The higher level of EMF radiation, or ionizing radiation, comes from ultraviolet rays that come mostly from the sun, that the layer around our earth keeps at safe levels. X-rays found in medical imaging machines are another ionizing radiation source.

Some would argue any amount of radiation no matter how small it could be is harmful if someone is exposed to it for long enough. It is hard for any research to be done to prove if even the low levels of radiation can be harmful. That is because it is so hard to prove that it is almost impossible to find someone who isn’t exposed to some form of EMF radiation. But these researchers have seen a spike in cancers like glioma, the kind of cancer that attacks the brain and spinal cord. Especially on the sides of the brain where the individual uses their phone the most. Has been on the rise.

Another study showed that almost continuous exposure to EMF has shown there to be a wide variety of nerve system and mental illness problems in people. This level of exposure was changing the functions of the nerves in the human body. Especially in things like sleep and mood swings.

Most of the time the customers don’t have to worry about their appliances and the things around them. A lot of well-known companies test their products before they sell them to their consumers. Running a test that the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection put out a test. The Public Utilities and the government take it upon themselves to manage EMF levels so that the people are also protected from high EMF radiation.

As more and more studies keep showing a correlation between EMF exposure and health problems on the rise. More and more people are starting to consider EMF radiation protection. There are a lot of simple things that can be done to reduce the level of exposure to EMF radiation. Some things that can help are unless it is medically needed, don’t just get x-rays, and reduce their exposure to the sun. Another easy EMF radiation protection is putting their phone down when not in use, use the speakerphone, or earpieces in their ears to expose the close EMFs to their head. Maybe a third and more fun option to get EMF radiation protection is to go camping far away from any human civilization.