What is Shooting / Practical Shooting

Yes, many do not know, but shooting can be practiced as a sport. The practical shooting is seen as a set of national and international modalities for shooting practice. Here the sport is regulated by the federal police responsible for regulating the sport throughout the national territory, in order to keep the sport safe.

Practical Shooting encompasses some types of sports practices, which can be divided into several modalities, considered global.


In these modalities are used short weapons, such as revolver, pistols, and long weapons such as rifle, AR 10 mag speed loader, carbine and shotgun. Paper or metal materials are used for the targets.

During the competition, several exercises are used to solve the “stages”, a kind of stage or tracks that appear during the course, where situations must be resolved with the shortest possible test time. For the competition, the organizers think of scenarios and hypothetical situations to test the accuracy and agility of the participants.

In addition, during the race, obstacles may arise to hinder the access of participants, such as tunnels, windows, doors, opinion etc. All with the aim of promoting maximum movement, great for increasing the resistance of the participants and promoting fun.

Fast withdrawal

In the fast serve category, we find a test that consists of 5 targets arranged from 5 to 15 meters in distance, with a time of 3 to 8 seconds for each series of 5 shots, that is, a competition of agility and precision, which must be completed with the shortest possible test time. At the start of the race, all participants start with their hands above their shoulders, loaded weapons and targets in the center.

With 15 meters of proof, 3 series of 5 shots are made at 8, 6 and 4 seconds. At 10 meters the series remains the same. Finally, there are 4 more series at 5 meters, with times of 6, 4, 3 seconds, totaling 50 shots, for 500 possible points.

This category demands so much from its competitors, that until today nobody has completed the race with the maximum score.

Precision Quick Shot

As the name already explains, this proof model requires agility and precision, because the distance in which the proof is made and the time for the shots are low, 15 meters fixed with a determined time for 20 shots, an average of 1, 5 shot per second. Fast? Yes, a lot!