What Is the Difference Between Carpentry Apprenticeship and Carpentry School?

Do you like working with tools and putting things together? If you’re thinking about turning that hobby into a career, you’ve probably hit the nail on the head. You might be wondering what kind of training is required to become a carpenter. There is classroom-based coursework to complete, but there’s also a hands-on component– they supplement each other. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between a carpentry apprenticeship and carpentry school.

What’s a Carpentry Apprenticeship?

A carpentry apprenticeship allows you to gain practical knowledge, putting your skills and knowledge to work. While you may want to jump right in and start building houses on your first day, that’s usually not how new apprentices start out. In the beginning, you will probably be tasked with preparing sites for construction– digging holes for foundations, for instance. In time, you’ll be able to become increasingly involved in the building phase, where you’ll master the skills needed to become certified. It’s usually a good idea to look for an apprenticeship in the type of carpentry you’re most interested in– residential or commercial, for example.

Besides gaining valuable work experience, another advantage of completing an apprenticeship is that you have the opportunity to learn from seasoned carpenters who have been at this for years. They can share insider tips that you may not find in a textbook. The more you take initiative and show that you’re interested in learning the trade, the more technical knowledge you’ll be able to glean from the people you work with.

What Will I Learn in Carpentry School?

You can complete carpentry school before landing an apprenticeship, so you have some knowledge of the trade before you start hands-on training. Some people also take classes during their apprenticeship. At carpentry school, you’ll learn about blueprints, building codes, tools, and safety. You will also become familiar with framing, roofing, installing doors, walls, ceilings, and windows, and other tasks that go into erecting and repairing buildings. Other topics that are usually part of the curriculum include building materials, guidelines for using ladders and scaffolds, and installing stairways, porches, and decks.

Online Carpentry Training

Ashworth College offers an online carpentry course that covers the latest developments in the industry, so you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge employers need. If you’re ready to come out of the woodwork and launch your new career, contact us to learn more or enroll today.