What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Furniture?


Many people may think that there isn’t much of a difference between residential and commercial furniture, that a chair is a chair, or a desk is just a desk. However, there are a few distinctions between the two different types that should be taken into account to make the best furniture decision for a business. 

Fabrics and Materials Used

Office furniture needs to be especially sturdy and built to last. After all, it will be used day in and day out by many people. Residential furniture is paid out of personal funds and owners treat their furniture with more respect and care than perhaps they would in a commercial office. 

The fabric and materials used for commercial furniture must be chosen to fit the environment: all types of employees of different weights and sizes will get a lot of use out of it. There is a difference between the fabrics used in commercial and residential furniture; for example, most fabrics in office furniture are easier and quicker to clean and more robust than that of, say, a sofa for the living room. Furniture for commercial use will most likely also have extra layers of protection against odors, stains and other types of damage. Residential furniture is mainly built and used for comfort and luxury and furniture at a business must be practical and heavy-duty. 


Commercial furniture must reflect the unique environment and requirements of the business. For example, if there are employees with disabilities of any kind, there must be furniture put in place to support the needs of those employees. Reliability and practicality are very important aspects when it comes to furniture in a commercial setting. This accessibility still applies to residential furniture. At a business, the furniture must comply with all the needs of every type of employee. 

The Cost 

The cost of furniture can vary greatly when it comes to buying either residential or commercial. Unless buying luxurious items, homeowners tend to try and find bargains for their home decor and furniture and can pull off spending a smaller amount. The furniture bought for commercial use is most likely a lot more expensive as many businesses need custom made furnishings to suit the work environment and employees. Not only that, but most commercial-based furniture has to be fitted by a professional, as well as being produced with high-grade and sturdy long-lasting materials. 

Custom Items 

Another big difference between commercial and residential furniture is the fact that many businesses need custom-built furnishings for their workplace, depending on what the industry is. For example, a dance studio may need specific types of furniture for the different sessions that may take place. Or an office with a health-conscious team may require custom-built standing desks for their employees. Other types of commercial settings may want custom made furniture with the branding of that particular business to stand out from other companies. The company may also want to have custom color coordinated and aesthetically pleasing furniture to please their customers. 

As you can see there are many differences between commercial and residential furniture. Ones that must be taken into account especially when making any purchases for the business. Whether it costs, materials used or customized furniture, this can impact the practicality and efficiency of a company.