What is Torrenting?


Who doesn’t want to get their respective stuff free-of-cost? Although sometimes we may need to compensate double for some free-of-cost activities. One such activity is torrenting. It is nothing but downloading pirated content from some peer-to-peer network connection. It is a crime but at the same time can make you rich to richer easily as the number of people who want free-of-cost content is not less in the world. If you are thinking that can you go to jail for torrenting then having some consciousness while using any torrent software will help you to get out of such worry. 

Features Of Torrenting 

Torrenting comes with certain features. These features come both the positive and negative effects on the people at the same time. Torrent consists of two main aspects such as leeching and seeding.


Torrent is largely popular for its leeching property. Leeching is the downloading of files available from the torrent platforms without uploading any. The practitioner of leeching is termed as a leecher.


Seeding is both the downloading and uploading of contents on the torrent platforms. This helps people to get their respective content from you and subsequently, you can earn money from it. You can get the uploading option automatically when you download any file from the torrent software. 

Can you go to jail for torrenting?

Yes, if you get caught in your activities on Torrent sites, you may need to face legal actions. But if you can consider two important things to run torrent software safely and securely. These are, 

Firstly, you should avoid accessing illegal content as these contents are subjected to put you in trouble. Although most of the contents available on torrent software are illegal, you should ensure that the contents for music, software, or anything else are free to be distributed to curtail the threats of uncertainty to some extent. 

Secondly, you should be aware of fake torrent sites. There a lot of fake sites available claiming the same features but they are malware or virus that can harm your system. Hence, you need to verify the site before accessing it. 

If you are amongst those who are worried about torrent threats then keeping some of these things into consideration, you can easily handle the access. But you should always be prepared that your activities on torrent, once get caught, can lead you to many uncertain circumstances. You can also use a VPN service while using Torrent software.