What to check for when choosing a WordPress hosting plan

You need a WordPress hosting plan to make your blog or business website public. There are many such hosting plans in the market. Every plan boasts of many features and claims to be better than the competition. So, how can you choose the best plan for your business?

There are some basic things that you must check for when choosing a WordPress hosting plans to ensure that the plan is perfect for your needs. Read on to know what they are.

What is the speed?

Speed is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a WordPress hosting plan. The speed ensures faster loading times. This ensures that your visitors have a smooth experience, and this will even result in an increase in repeat visits. Also, If the loading times are fast, the website tends to rank higher for related search results. Experts suggest server speeds of under 300ms for your WordPress website.

What is the uptime?

Uptime is the time for which your website is available to your visitors online. Your website may be offline for a while for many reasons- regular maintenance of the server, installing software updates or updating security patches, among others. Besides, there can be unexpected downtimes in case of a malware attack or some issue with the server. Regular maintenance and up to date security ensures that the downtime is minimal. Choose a WordPress hosting provider that guarantees you more than 98-99% uptime. You can corroborate this with the reviews about the plan on the internet.

How is the customer service?

There is a possibility of your website going down for a variety of reasons- it can be an issue with the server, a malware attack or a virus. In this case, the host attends to the problem and resolves it. You might also face other issues from your end. You need to reach out to your hosting provider for help. The point of contact is usually the customer service executives. A reliable WordPress hosting provider would have a dedicated customer care service with round the clock availability.

Does it meet your requirements?

You must bear in mind your requirement and ensure that the WordPress hosting plan ticks all the right boxes. If you have a business, a shared hosting plan can prove incapable of handling your website traffic. On the other hand, you do not require advanced hosting plans like managed hosting services or a dedicated server for a simple blog or a static website. Thus, do not get enticed by offers or low rates on company plans and go for the one that perfectly meets all your requirements. Because a web hosting plan can make or break your business.

Is the price justified?

The WordPress hosting plans are priced competitively. While you may be looking for web hosting plans within your budget, it is equally necessary to check what features the hosting company is providing for the price. If you compare the plans in his manner, you will end up with the best plan for your website in your budget.

Lastly, ensure that you check and compare other plans before deciding. Go through all the charges and other terms and conditions before you purchase the plan.