What You Need to Know When You Buy ECG Systems

Electrocardiography (ECG) systems provide physicians with data about their patients’ hearts’ electrical impulses. However, not all ECG devices are the same. Depending on your facility, you may need to buy ECG systems for a variety of tests. If you need to purchase one of these systems, make sure you research the equipment thoroughly before making an investment to get the right device for your budget and testing needs.

What ECG Systems Measure

The term ECG is interchangeable with the term EKG. Both refer to an electrocardiogram, but the latter used the original German spelling of the device. You may see either set of letters refer to the same equipment when you shop.

ECG systems measure only the heart’s electrical activity and not its physical appearance of mechanical ability. For some patients, ECG tests will produce normal results in the presence of mechanical problems. What the ECG does measure is the electrical movement through the heart. Both the number of electrical impulses and the time between them indicate the health of the heart’s electrical signals. Abnormal activity indicates a potential problem with the heart’s function.

Because measuring electricity from the heart relies so heavily on the location of the 12 leads of the ECG system, the physician must carefully place them in the correct pattern. Proper placement and adhesion of these electrodes ensure accurate results from the machine.

Types of ECG Systems

Various types of ECG systems exist. The most used are those for patients who are at rest. Too much movement may cause this type of system to register a false abnormality. However, other models allow for stress tests to have a patient walking on a treadmill.

Other factors in ECG systems include whether the sensors send data to a manual printout or to a computer. Software that interprets the information reduces the chances for human error or the loss of a paper printing of the ECG. Many healthcare facilities today choose to upgrade to software-based ECG systems for their ease of use and versatility.

Uses of ECG Systems

The information provided by these monitoring systems is so vital that it is a standard piece of equipment for measuring vital signs of patients in ICUs and cardiac units. Due to the increasing age of the American population and the rise in cardiac conditions, the need for ECG systems in health care facilities will rise.

Price Isn’t Everything When You Buy ECG Systems

When looking to buy ECG systems, the price should only serve as one factor that you consider in your decision. Instead of focusing only on the cost, look at the type of service you get from the supply company. You will naturally have questions about the operation of the system, and qualified salespeople should have the answers you need. You’ve done your research about ECG systems, so don’t you expect the same from the people at the company supplying these devices to you?

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