Which are the Most appropriate Moments for your Wedding Shots and Snaps


There is something called AB testing in the art of photography which recommends that take as many shots and snaps as possible and out of the total select the best and discard the rest. But when it comes to wedding photography the entire moments are precious and you need to capture best snaps and shots of all the events. However, the tricky question is to determine which the important events are to shoot and are they fixed inappropriate time and situation so that you will get the best shots and snaps. Eventually, proper planning is essential to fix the special moments or events inappropriate time and situations to enable the photographer to take effective shots and snaps. You must include your wedding photographer in planning and working out the wedding schedule so that the photographer is well aware of what will happen when and who will be the persons to focus while taking shots and snaps. 

As you plan and work out the wedding schedule focussing the photo sessions you will find four broad options as the appropriate time and situations for taking shots and snaps. They are (1) before the ceremony, (2) between the ceremony and the reception particularly during the hours of cocktail, (3) during the reception, and (4) after the wedding. Determine which are the most appropriate out of these four options and why in connection with getting the best snaps and shots. Consider three and four, to begin with and think why they may not be the appropriate time or the situation to take the best photos. 

Think about your make-up and your most fresh look during the reception and after the wedding. Importantly, think about the probable time of the third and fourth options of during reception and after the wedding. By that time, you might have gone through the ceremony, had something for eating or drinking, even sweating and weeping etc. which eventually might have faded your fresh look and the make-up too. You can also think the other way of utilising the third and fourth option saying they are the most important fun times to capture including eating, drinking, dancing, speaking, laughing, playing etc.

However, you can never avoid the first two options as the best moments for your wedding photography. You would be at your best in terms of freshness and make-up before the ceremony, during the ceremony and during the reception. Consider about these moments and the situations along with the importance of the moments and determine whether these are the moments most suitable and appropriate for shots and snaps in your wedding.