Why 8×5 trailers are so popular?

Generally communicated as 8×5 trailers, these 8 feet long by 5 feet wide extensions of your car are hugely popular among Australia.

There are plenty of reasons that make 8×5 trailers so frequently seen on Australian roads. If you are looking for 8×5 trailers for sale, our friends at Century Trailer have a range of box, caged and tandem trailers for you to choose from.

Just the perfect size

The popularity of 8×5 trailers comes with a cause. And the size of it is one of them.

With a loading floor of 2400mm by 1530mm, a 900mm cage mathematically provides you 3304 liters of extra space to carry more items. This is almost 4 times more than the boot of a Ford Ranger.

You can fit almost everything in the trailer, whether it is a house moving or carrying equipment to another working site.

Depending on the maximum load that you need, you do not necessarily need to purchase the most expensive 8×5 trailer on the market.

Starting from an ATM of 750kg, you can have a standard 8×5 trailer for a family outing. Or you can go for a tandem 8×5 trailer at an ATM of 2,000kg to carry all the heavy stuff.


The size of an 8×5 trailer can not only fit everything but also mod to secure everything. Because of the available space on an 8×5, extra devices can be added to the trailer at purchase without sacrificing time and space of the trailer.

The cage of the 8×5 trailer, for example, can be added to 600mm or 900mm to increase the loading capacity of the trailer.

Ladder racks, ramp and toolbox can also be equipped in the trailer to carry everything that trading needs.

Many others will make small modifications after sales to ease their life when using the trailer, including security chains or ties to keep loose items in place during driving.


8×5 trailers are at the right balance of loading capacity and maneuverability. The 5 feet width is just as wide as some of the smaller SUVs in the market. Therefore, the trailer will not have extended width from the usual expected width of your towing vehicle.

Unexpected width from the trailer can lead to unintentional scratching of other vehicles or objects. While it is not fatal in most of the time, it can still easily catch you when the attention is missing for a moment.

The length of 8×5 trailer is also at an expected range for most drivers. While it is common knowledge that you need to leave more room while turning when towing a trailer, the 8 feet lengthis easier to turn in tighter corners without hitting the kerb.


Standard 8×5 trailers are just within the range of maximum unbraked towing mass of many vehicles while maximizing the space available for loading goods.

Premium 8x5s with ATM over 750kg can now be fitted with either mechanical or electric brakes to fit the specification of your vehicle.

While being rated up to 2,000kg ATM, an 90% rule applies to all trailers. Therefore, for an ATM 2,000kg trailer, the suggested regular maximum mass of the trailer is 1,800kg.

This helps with extending the life of the trailer and reducing the chance of failure.

The extra rated mass is not wasted. But it adds safety when you are towing a trailer.