Why do Companies Hire Person With Project Management Certification?


When you search for a job board, you mainly find the requirement for the project manager position with “PMP Certification” or people preferring for this job position. In most of the companies, PMP certification is essential to join. No matter if you are new to a job or hiring someone under you, Project Management Professional certification is necessary for all. A project manager is a crucial part of the functioning of a company. If you want to give the results, then it must be through the project. 

According to the search, more than 1.2 million people apply for the position of project manager every year. In many areas, the applicant who does not have PMP training is not considered to be part of the job. Many of the recruiters make documentation for those who are well certified with PMP and others who are without PMP certification. Here are the reasons why a certified person PMP is preferred. 

What is unique about PMP certification?

An organization does not look for a person with skills only. They also search for a person who has spent his time in practice and gained proper PMP training. And if we talk about the certification, then it acts as an icing on a cake. A person is all in demand if he has proper accreditation. The organizations have been looking for managers who help in the growth of a company. It is always true that the candidates who have gone through industrial PMP course, get more value than the home-grown managers. 

Why organizations prefer having a PMP Certified Project Manager?

It is much desirable to have a certified person in the organization. It is because of the skills of a person he has to work in a company. However, there could be many possible reasons why a company prefers a PMP Training Certified person in the organization.

  • A person with proper certification can quickly get into the Project management process. He knows the challenges he might face in the coming future to manage the projects. 
  • Clients usually look for the people who have proper Project Management certification to hold on the projects. It is because a person with appropriate certification knows what standard and best practices he must follow to achieve the goal. Thus while recruiting the managers, they prefer those who have PMP. 
  • However, it is not true that certification brings you experience but then also, it leads a solid foundation and provide the best practice framework for implementing some project coming in the future. 
  • There are several roles of a project manager in the company. He must have proper PMP certified training to thoroughly look at each step of the project, initiating from planning to the execution. PMP education helps the manager to look at the project processing cohesively. 
  • PMP course, which a project manager has studied, helps him to know the crucial principles he must follow every time to have the best results. 
  • These days, companies have realized how a well-certified person differs from homegrown managers. However, they have also been looking for persons who have some experienced PMP training. They have been searching for this portfolio. 
  • A person with proper training knows how to keep in contact with other project members and the leader of the organization. He is a better communicator and can use a common language for different projects and project members. 
  • A person with PMP course training knows perfectly about the motivations and goals he has to achieve in the project. They commit to the professional development of them and the organization. They are perfect at conveying some message to their members. However, to have proper PMP training, it requires a lot of energy and time. A person must be focus oriented. 
  • A PMP certification verifies that a person can manage the projects properly in a proper manner. They use new and standard techniques for the improvement of the reputation of a company. 
  • PMP course is essential because it shows a person is intelligent. It is for sure that everyone knows how difficult a PMP exam is. Thus if a person has achieved certification in this, then it is clear that he is an intelligent person. It gives him a trait to be a successful professional. 

Thus it is clear that PMP certification is essential for both employees and employers. Several factors decide who a perfect project manager is. However, if you have a certification but still lack experience and skill, then it is of no use. A person must be able to make a sound judgment regarding an issue, should have excellent communication skills, should be focused, and should not only focus on the PMP exam. All these traits are necessary to join a company. An organization looks for a person who is perfect in all these traits. However, PMP certification can help them achieve this goal. 

Why have companies been establishing Project Management Offices?

There are several reasons for the establishment of PMO as follows:

  • To build a strong team for overseeing the project performance
  • The organization want there should be no compromise in the quality of work
  • An organization wants to keep the template repository along with the necessary knowledge regarding everything.
  • An organization wants to showcase its work. 

Is the knowledge of project management is only to the project managers?

It is true to say that a project and an operation do not run with isolation. Many people take ITIL certification and then in the organization, and they get a club with PMP. 

For a company to earn a reputation, all the people working in it need proper PMP training, no matter if they have proper certification or not. It is for maintaining quality in their work. Alone project managers with PMP certification cannot do everything.

Thus it is for sure that management knowledge is not only for the managers alone. It is also essential for those who are part of a project. 

However, it is the safest decision by an HR to hire a person with proper certification and training. This is the only reason why someone asks about the experience of a person before hiring him. But if a person has done proper PMP training, then he is for sure selected for that task.