Why Do Lash Extensions Fall Rapidly in Autumn?

Are you wondering why your lash extensions that usually retain for 3-4 weeks have started falling well ahead of time i.e. within around 2 weeks?

Pay attention and you’ll notice that it’s autumn! Yes, autumn is the dreaded season that lash wearers as well as lash artists alike are scared of.

When lashes started shedding quickly in autumn, both these groups of people started doubting if they’ve done something wrong if they’re unaware of the autumn shedding of lashes.

However, they can take a sigh of relief because the culprit is none of them but the season. And not only lash extensions, but even natural hair shed in larger quantities and at a faster rate during this season.

Let’s see why. But let’s first understand how your hair grows. There are three phases of hair growth, viz. anagen, catagen and telogen.

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This phase is characterised by rooting of hair to the follicle and receiving nutrients from your blood for a healthy growth.

If you notice spot bleeding while tweezing or waxing, it means the hair is pulled out during the active growth phase.

If the hair is pulled out in this phase, the hair follicle usually gets damaged and can lead to a dormant follicle that will never produce hair.

This may be great for unwanted hair on your hands or legs, but not for your head, and lashes and brows.


Catagen phase is characterised by stoppage of hair growth or its receiving of nutrients and collapse of follicles.


Telogen is the stage in which hair is detached and is about to shed. Around 10% of your total body hair, including your lashes is in this phase.

On an average, you lose up to 100 hair and 3-5 lashes every day.

Once the hair sheds, the cycle again begins from anagen phase. The full cycle for all your body hair continues for around 3 to 5 years.

Why does Hair Shed in Autumn?

Unfortunately this is not known yet. However, some hints do exist.

For example, according to Swedish scientists, women grow more hair in summer to protect their scalp from the hot sun and UV radiation. In autumn, there is no need for this additional growth and so, they shed.

These researchers discovered that the end of the summer is marked by an increased proportion of hair in the telogen phase in the women tested.

Since the telogen phase always comes before shedding, it’s obvious that more noticeable hair fall was seen in the autumn.

What You can Do about It

Take Nutrients

Although you get effective eyelash extensions in Sydney, taking care of your inner health is important too.Nutrients essential for healthy hair are B-complex, vitamins C and D, iron, Omega-3 and zinc.


Exercise increases your heart rate and blood flow; the increased blood flow carries more nutrients to your hair.

Get Fills More Often

Increase the frequency of your fills during autumn to around 2-3 weeks.

If the expert at volume lash extensions in Sydney offered by Fancy Lash don’t have an option for a 1-week or 2-week fill, consider giving them an offer of discounted price for a short appointment.

Thus, henceforth start worrying if your extensions are shedding fast and check if it’s autumn. Happy lash extensions!