Why does betting increase during IPL?

Betting controversies and IPL are two things that go hand-in-hand today more than the game itself. There are a number of apps that have made it easier to bet on games all over the world. Even then, the statistic suggests that the numbers are high when the juggernauts of cricket step out on an Indian pitch.

One thing that has changed during IPL Betting Online over the years is the money count. With websites and apps such as, Betmockers and India-Bet, the online cricket betting scene has changed ever so slightly. Instead of winning money on bets, “players” now win or lose a point. The main goal is said to be an attempt to remove the fear of losing money on bets. Through this version of cricket betting online, the players feel at ease to place their bets online.

Of course, the game itself moves quite slowly. In every game, the players need to come up with a unique strategy to win the game for their team. It is enough for gamblers to sniff their way into the game. On the other hand, the new system offers people a “chance” to predict a match’s destiny. So, people are less likely to feel as though they are throwing money down the gutter. Instead, they may feel as though they are the ones controlling the match’s fate in place of the players.

However, that is not the biggest reason why betting is increasing during the IPL. In other continents, there is no shortage of free-to-play games where people bet easily. The number decreases drastically when the topic includes the Asian market. There is also a general dislike for illegal bookies in the country. These online sites are the real difference makers in such a situation. Each of them exist to make these individuals feel absolutely safe when placing their bets. So, the biggest burden is lifted off their shoulders for them to bet on any team they want to,

With each season of the IPL packing in more than 40 matches, there is a lot of cricket to cover. Once the season gets underway, there is a certain level of unpredictability involved with every match. You can never know for sure which team will win even if they performed well in their previous match. This level of unpredictability does not seem to exist at the international level. So, it is obvious that the stakes and thrill of online IPL satta in various betting sites in India.

There is no particular reason that can be pointed out in particular for the increase. However, if you combine all the reasons together, under one roof then you can get a clearer picture. The roof obviously being IPL, the picture that forms is not a happy one if you want the match contested fairly. On the other hand, IPL matches seem to provide a breeding ground for websites and apps to spawn. And with each edition, these websites are able to find newer ways to evade the watchful eyes of the law.