Why Driving In Defensive Mode Is Favoured Most?


The defensive driving is a skill that ensures that there is less possibility of potential hazards and dangers that may happen during driving on the road. It is a notable fact by the experts that 99% of all accidents that happen while driving can be averted or avoided is drivers drive with defensive mind-set. However, people tend to drive in an aggressive manner which not only hurts them and damages their own car; but others as well. This way or mode of driving is achieved by making the drivers aware of how to practice great caution and use good judgment when driving on the street or highway.

Is there a course for it?

Yes, there are various courses and modules on the defensive way of driving, which is imparted at the motor driving schools. The major highlights of such course is a thorough training to new as well as seasoned drivers on techniques for crash prevention. It is achieved by teaching the drivers on recognizing the possible dangers which may cause accidents and fatalities. Most of the key aspects of crash prevention methods involve knowing the braking distance and ability of the vehicle being driven as well as adapting well to the surroundings. Some other methods in this process involve safe over-taking and speed-adjustments as well as letting the big vehicles pass by.

The drivers who join such a course, they find their driving skills to be greatly polished which consequently decreases their chances of getting into a mishap while driving. Few states, such courses are a mandate in order to get the driving license.

What does the course comprise of?

It is noted that DUI or driving under the influence happens to be one of the major reason for mishaps on the road. Every driving course makes the driver aware of the dangers that alcohol and drug influence can inflict upon them. The drivers learn the permissible limits of alcohol in various countries and states, through the course, which helps them stay out of the lock-up or heavily fined. The course also focuses on the psychological factors that can affect the driving efficiency of a person. It enables drivers to overcome the negative psychological impacts that can affect driving efficiency and cause fatigue, emotional distress, excessive stress, and road rage. The course bestows upon the driver the know-how on how to develop a positive attitude while driving which consequently enhances the focus of the driver.

Thus, driving in a defensive manner is not just lifesaving, it is pleasing too.